Playing Diamond Casino Heist at the GTA Online Casino is one of the best things you could do for money. Plus, GTA Online Diamond Casino has some of the best cashback offers and bonuses that can only be compared to those at Mr Bet 10 €. The game gives you a chance to exercise your creativity to the maximum as you clear your way towards the top prize up for grabs.

With a very competitive game like Diamond Casino, you expect nothing but excellence. This means you need to master and find all the access points before you begin the Diamond Casino. 

What are the access points and how do you go about scoping out all these options? Let’s find out below.

The Diamond Casino Heist Scope Guide

GTA Online Spy Casino
GTA Online Spy Casino. Source.

Below is the comprehensive guide on how to scope out of the Casino.

Begin the Scope out Mission

You start to scope out the mission by heading to the planning board situated in your Arcade basement and getting acquainted with it. After that, select the square on the top with the mark ‘Square Out Casino,’ and wait.

Pressing the ‘square out casino’ command activates a mission that sends you to the Diamond Casino to take photographs with your phone and send them to Lester. Each step increases your possibility of getting to the Grand Casino Heist.

Access Points to Expect

In total, you should expect 11 access points in the Diamond Casino. Seven of the eleven access points are situated on the roof, two are situated on the ground level, and two others are far away from the Casino. Here is a numbered display of each access point below.

Roof Access Point A

You’re likely to get the first key entrance access at the rooftop, so we named it access point A. This point is accessible through the elevator in the Diamond Casino. 

Roof Access Point B

While still at the roof, the second access point is in the vicinity just across A. While standing at access point A., you should make a 180 degrees turn, and you will see it.

Roof Access Point C

This is the last helipad access point, and you easily locate it on the opposite side of the helipad. You walk over across the other side of the helipad, and you will be there within no minutes.

Roof Access Point D

Still, on the roof, you can locate at the roof garden another access point. An easier hint of locating it faster is finding the swimming pool and checking on the left of the swimming pool.

Roof Access Point E

This is the fifth and hardest point to spot on the roof. You easily locate it when you use the elevator. Once you leave the elevator, you should right then walk to the small side path next to a door.

Roof Access Point F

Though still on the roof, the roof access point F is located at the building’s back. You need to jump down from the helipad situated on the opposite side of the building, away from the gardens. Once you get there, you will spot this access point.

Roof Access Point G

This is the final roof access point in the Diamond Casino arena. To locate it, you have to move the same wall downwards away from access point F and walk along until you locate it. 

Ground Access Point A

It is the first access point you encounter when you get to the ground from the rooftop. You have to revolve around the back, next to the horse track, until you situate it.

Ground Access Point B

After locating ground access point A, you should locate the access point B further around the building than where you spotted A. Just walk along until you see it.

The Security Tunnel Access Point

You can easily miss this one since it is further away from the rest. You should scope out the casino sewer tunnel that connects the horse track to the car pack. When you come to a garage door, take a photo of it to register it as an access point to advance to the next level.

The Sewer Access Point

After the sewer, you head straight to the last and the hardest to find access points in the Diamond Casino, the sewer. If you go past the racetrack towards the river and proceed southwards to the canal, you will spot a tunnel. Walk inside the tunnel for a while until you get to the grated section.


GTA Online Casino’s Diamond Casino Heist is an exciting game you will always enjoy playing. It is even better playing when you already know how to scope out the Casino by following the access points and tracing them with this article’s guide. 

We believe you have a better understanding of how to play Diamond Casino Heist, don’t you? Share your comments below.

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