Puzzle games are one of the entertainment options of many people. Not only does it relax you, but the word puzzle also increases your thinking ability and improves memory efficiency.

If you love words, you must be a fan of the word game. The word puzzle game comes in many different variations, from classic puzzles, crosswords, word finders, and anagram. The best word games apps offer many unique combinations for all of the above. Here are the Best Crossword Puzzle Games for Android and iOS for you.

1. Wordscapes – The best crossword puzzle Android / iOS

Wordscapes - The best crossword puzzle Android / iOS
Wordscapes gameplay

Wordscapes is one of the best English word puzzles that combine crossword-style with a word search. It’s effortless to play – swipe the letters that appear at the bottom of the screen in the correct order to make a word to fill the completed crossword. This is a fast and entertaining game, so it only takes a few minutes to finish each round.

Like all of the best crossword puzzles, Wordscapes is easy to get started but increasingly difficult with level. It includes over 5,000 puzzles and a few different game modes. The game has a pretty brilliant wallpaper and a user-friendly interface.

2. Word Search Pro – An interesting crossword puzzle Android / iOS

Word Search Pro - An interesting crossword puzzle Android / iOS
Word Search Pro gameplay

Word Search Pro is a simple yet engaging word puzzle app. You will continue to work your brain while searching for the word given application. They are placed in different directions on the screen. When swiping through letters, words will be highlighted with bright colors.

Word Search Pro contains a few smart features, including user-friendly UI, customizable font sizes, diverse backgrounds, and multiple difficulty levels. The app offers a daily challenge to keep you feeling fresh with a night mode that protects the player’s eyes.

Language: English.

3. Word Connect

Word Connect is one of the best crossword puzzle app for Android and iOS
Word Connect gameplay

Word Connect is one of the best word search games with an interface like classic Scrabble. The game has simple gameplay. It would help if you swiped letters to make words while collecting coins. Word Connect isn’t one of those time-limited charades. Relax and play at your pace and ask for clues to solve these puzzles. The game has up to 6,7000 levels, so there is no reason why you can not train your brain every day and improve your language skills with Word Connect? Note, this is a word puzzle game for adults aged 12 and over.

Language: English.

4. WordBrain

WordBrain gameplay crossword game
WordBrain gameplay

WordBrain is the smartest and best word puzzle game on this list. Even when designed for children, the game is still a great challenge for everyone. To play, locate words in the crossword. Swipe the right word to go to the next level. The game has over 1,200 levels per language. Although, at first, the game looks simple, but it will quickly urge your “blood” to conquer as the level progresses.

Languages: Supports 15 languages.

5. Wordfeud

Wordfeud crossword game screenplay on mobile
Wordfeud gameplay

Wordfeud is a multi-player crossword puzzle app. Create and place words on a 15×15 cell board. Earn extra points by placing letters in one of the high scoring boxes: Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter, or Triple Word.

If you do not want a matchmaking game for you, choose the one you want. The game will notify you of your opponent’s latest moves and support online chat. With Wordfeud, it’s not easy to get bored because it allows you to participate in 30 games simultaneously.

6. Wordament

Wordament gameplay
Wordament gameplay

Wordament is a fun game of word puzzles that is totally free. You will engage in a guessing tournament in this game and have to contend with players from all over the globe. In exchange, players will be confronted with crosswords ranging from basic to challenging levels.

The player’s objective is to locate as many words as possible in English. To make a coherent string, you must keep your finger on the crossword. Players can align letters in a zigzag pattern horizontally, vertically, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, diagonally, or even. If you find more distinctive words, such as uncommon words, synonyms, You’re going to get a better ranking.

Wordament also supports several more difficult rounds, such as the theme set of crosswords, limited time playing, and a few other game modes.

7. Hangman

Hangman trailer video

Hangman is an elementary gaming word puzzle game, you can select each subject you want to play, so you have to choose each letter in the alphabet with a given word recommendation so that they fit. The hanging punishment sections will feature in a correct response with the proposed word and on any incorrect decision, namely the rack, the rope, and each section of the hanged doll. When all the images of a hangman are out, you lose.

Summary: Top crosswords game for Android and iOS

  1. Wordscapes
  2. Word Search Pro
  3. Word Connect
  4. WordBrain
  5. Wordfeud
  6. Wordament
  7. Hangman
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