For a long time, open world games on mobile have been welcomed by users from all over the globe. Here are the top 10+ best open world mobile games for you.

1. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 gameplay - an open world game for mobile android
Dungeon Hunter 5 gameplay
  • Platforms: iOS, Microsoft Windows
  • Genres: Hack and slash, RPG
  • Mode: MMORPG

Dungeon Hunter 5 is produced by Gameloft, in which users fight against bandits, ferocious monsters and other threats to keep the land peaceful.

Players must complete 15 achievements to unlock legendary power to increase the chances of winning. Dungeon Hunter 5 has beautiful graphics and vivid sound effects. Also, this game is equipped with over 900 armors and advanced weapons. Supporting hundreds of destructive tactics and spells, the game has more than 90 missions – challenges and many attractive gifts for players. Moreover, users can play with others online. 

2. Gangstar West Coast Hustle

Gangstar West Coast Hustle - an action-adventure open-world game for iOS
Gangstar West Coast Hustle
  • Platforms: iPad, iPhone (iOS)
  • Genre: Action-adventure

Gangstar West Coast Hustle, produced by Gameloft, is a perfect combination of fast racing game and fighting action game in the gangster world. During playing time, users, the targets of LAPD, will discover corners and places of Los Angeles, perform missions such as gun shooting, robbing cars and taking down enemies while being in a chase with police.

The game will leave users satisfied with the peak of 3D effects, exciting sounds and many options on music such as Hip Hop, Reggae or Electro. Unique gameplay with multi-touch screen design and automatic aiming mode.

3. Six-Guns

Six-Guns gameplay - a western open-world game for iOS and Android
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows 8, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8
  • Genre: Action-adventure, open-world
  • Modes: Single player, multiplayer

Six-Guns, powered by the Gameloft, is a third-person shooting game. With Six Guns, users will explore the vast frontier in the West with dangerous cowboys. The main task is to unlock all 8 different horses, weapons, bullets, and tools during the journey. Six-Guns with an eye-catching graphic design and lively sounds bring a great experience to the users.

There are more than 40 missions with many attractive rewards, 19 different weapons and countless costumes to satisfy any user’s taste.

4. Outlander: Fantasy Survival

Outlander: Fantasy Survival gameplay - an Android open world RPG game
Outlander: Fantasy Survival gameplay
  • Platform: Android
  • Genres: RPG, medieval open-world

This is a survival role-playing game in a strange and mysterious land. Users have to pick up the necessities, manage their personal belongings, and build their property.

The enemies are jungle monsters and goblins from mediocre to weapons equipped. It is a very large world in Outlander in which users can join the online mode with others.

In online mode, players can cooperate, demolish or steal from others.

5. Grand Criminal Online

Grand Criminal Online gameplay - a criminal, action, open-world game for Android
Grand Criminal Online gameplay
  • Platform: Android
  • Genres: Open-world, action, criminal
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Grand Criminal Online is the next game on our list of top open world games for mobile. This is a street robbery game in which players can easily cover things around them.

Unlike the usual street robbery game, Grand Criminal Online allows online players to play together beside its storyline for users to unlock.

6. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light gameplay
Sky: Children of the Light gameplay
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS
  • Genres: Adventure, art-style, open-world
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful kingdom in colors. Users’ mission is to search for the lost stars and to give hope to the kingdom.

The game is a simple adventure to discover and solve puzzles. Sky: Children of the Light is ranked top in the graphics section.

7. Evil Lands

Evil Lands gameplay for iOS and Android - action RPG open world game
Evil Lands gameplay
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Genres: Action RPG, open-world
  • Mode: MMORPG

The world is threatened by the dark force. In this game, users play one of the three characters either a Warrior, a Witch or an Assassin to fight against the monsters and protect human civilization.

Like other role-playing games, users will have an extremely complex skill tree to develop and build their characters. The game has beautiful graphics and diverse battle mechanisms.

8. Orders & Chaos 2: Redemption

Orders & Chaos 2: Redemption gameplay - a MMORPG open-world game for mobile and PC
Orders & Chaos 2: Redemption gameplay – a MMORPG open-world game for mobile and PC
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone
  • Genre: MMORPG

Order & Chaos 2 Redemption is another open-world mobile game on this list which is an online role-playing game. Users have to cross the path of redemption with a very interesting storyline.

During the game, players can explore a world with unique graphics, vivid sound, and positively interact with other players. There are five classes that gamers can choose from: Knights, Archers, Wizards, Warriors and Monks.

9. Assassin’s Creed Identity

Assassin's Creed Identity gameplay - an action RPG open world game for Android and iOS
Assassin’s Creed Identity gameplay – an action RPG open world game for Android and iOS
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Genres: Action RPG, open-world
  • Mode: Single player

Surely users are no stranger to the hit Assassin Creed series over the last few years, and now they can experience an extremely attractive version of Assassin’s Creed on mobile devices.

Assassin Creed Identity contents many tasks through each game screen, corresponding to a miniature open world. Gamerscan choose from countless ways to overcome a mission, from hiding, assassination, disguise, immersing in the crowd to fight directly with any enemy.

There are four classes to choose from: Thief, Berserker, Shadow Blade and Trickster. Each class has their own skills. Users can also choose different costumes and weapons to increase the index.

10. Ravensword: Shadowlands

Ravensword: Shadowlands gameplay
Ravensword: Shadowlands gameplay
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Ouya
  • Genre: RPG

Ravensword: Shadowlands is a priority 3D RPG game with large screen devices. The game’s graphics are beautifully designed, along with the context and character creation promises to give players an enjoyable experience.

Main job is to climb through areas, complete some missions and explore mysterious dungeons. Gamers can also hunt beasts or monsters and use skills that users do not often see in mobile RPGs such as invisibility, pickpocket, magic traces. Many other interesting features waiting for users to explore.

11. Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar Vegas
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Modes: Single player, multiplayer

Gangstar Vegas brings in the size of the world map stretching to 9 square kilometers, monumental and large. Every scene in the game is carefully touched to the very details. Besides, the driver of the video camera and the Havok engine, making the driving phase of the car more skillful than ever. 

In the game, players will transform into the boxer Jason Malone. On his career path, although there are many ups and downs, he is still considered one of the first-class boxers.

Gangstar Vegas has more than 80 missions with intense battles which depend on different levels of difficulty in the playground of criminal organizations.

12. West Gunfighter

West Gunfighter gameplay - a western-style open world adventure game for Android
West Gunfighter gameplay – a western-style open world adventure game for Android
  • Platform: Android
  • Genres: Adventure, open-world, western

West Gunfighter is an open world game on phones with eye-catching graphics and vivid sound. Besides, the game has 8 costumes for players to freely coordinate, and a diverse arsenal with more than 20 guns causing high damage. Also, the game offers many fascinating missions, equipped with many enemies and obstacles. 

Players will take a trip to the western United States, where they will transform into a Western cowboy. Gamers can become a notorious gunman or a famous knight with the protection of justice. Besides, when coming to West Gunfighter you can also play some small games such as gun fights, horse racing and darts playing.

Summary: Top Open World Games For Mobile

These are the games with novels like storylines and unique, beautiful graphics plus vivid sounds. When playing any of them, players are truly entering a wonderful world. Those are all highly rated by players all over the world.

  1. Dungeon Hunter 5
  2. Gangstar West Coast Hustle
  3. Six-Guns
  4. Outlander: Fantasy Survival
  5. Grand Criminal Online
  6. Sky: Children of the Light
  7. Evil Lands
  8. Orders & Chaos 2: Redemption
  9. Assassin’s Creed Identity
  10. Ravensword: Shadowlands
  11. Gangstar Vegas
  12. West Gunfighter

Have you tried these games? Is there any game missing on the list? Let us know your opinions.

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