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Xbox gaming on the floor or couch is bad for your back. When you spend too much time slouched over, it stretches spinal ligaments. That causes pressure in the back, neck, arms, and shoulders. When gaming starts to become a painful experience, a good chair makes a big difference. What sat gaming in front of your living room TV, how do you sit? This article looks at the different types of gaming chairs suitable for Xbox gamers.

First, what is a gaming chair? The broadest definition is any type of sitting tool used while gaming. This could be a stool, an office chair or even a tree stump.

gaming chair types

A more specific definition: specialized chairs for video game players. Among this class of chairs, there are a few options that work well for Xbox gamers.

Gaming rockers

Most people use their gaming consoles connected to their living room TV. The typical spot to game in a living room is on the floor or sitting on the sofa. That’s a problem.

gaming rockers

When sitting on a sofa, most people game while slouching forward. Holding game controllers also adds tension. Each arm weighs around 10 pounds. With your back bent and arms holding controllers, there is a lot of extra weight on your spinal column.

Console gaming chairs are a popular solution. There are two main types: floor rockers and pedestal rockers.

Both types have curved seats that support the back while gaming. Console rockers sit on the floor. Pedastal rockers have a base, placing the user a little higher off the ground.

The advantage of gaming rockers is that they are perfect for living rooms. Most models fold up for easy storage. Some even have wireless music and massage systems for a super-immersive sonic experience.

The problem with gaming rockers is that they don’t provide the best back support. They’re better than sitting on the floor or sofa. But they don’t support good posture. Rather, these models encourage slouching.

PC gaming chairs

PC gaming chairs are the most popular gaming chairs. As the name implies, these models are best for PC users. That’s because PC users sit at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. Most pro gamers use these chairs.

pc gaming chairs

PC gaming chairs are ergonomic. They are good for your back. They also have very attractive styling. But there’s a big difference between pro gaming and Xbox gaming in your living room.

Without a desk, PC gaming chairs are big, heavy and not compatible with living room layouts. For Xbox players, these are only a good option if you plan to game at a desk.

Footrest gaming chairs

There are a few reasons why PC gaming chairs with footrests are a good option for Xbox players. First, they support good posture while sitting. Second, in recline mode, these chairs work like La-Z-Boy recliners. Third, you can lower the height. That lets them work the same as a floor rocker.

footrest gaming chairs respawn 110

Most gaming chairs with footrests cost less than $200. Xbox gamers should look for models with deep recline and thick, fluffy padding. Having enough recline gives you the option of napping in your chair. With the footrest up and the recline set, your spine is in the optimal position for a power nap.

A popular footrest gaming chair on Amazon is the Respawn 110. It has padded armrests, high-density foam padding and it reclines to 155°. It also has removable neck and back pillows. These attach to the backrest and keep your spine in alignment while you sit.


If you spend long periods gaming in your living room, you might suffer from poor posture or body pain. If so, an easy solution is to buy a gaming chair.

There are three types of gaming chairs listed here. PC gaming chairs are the most popular type, but they’re not a fit for living room gaming. Gaming rockers are a cheap, fun option, but they’re not much better for your back than a sofa.

In contrast, PC gaming chairs with footrests give Xbox gamers everything they need. They are comfortable, good for your back and versatile. They work well in living rooms, serving as La-Z-Boy style recliners.

Gaming should be fun. But it’s not much fun gaming with a sore back. So if you need help with healthy sitting while gaming, consider buying a gaming chair.

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