Nothing is perfect, of course. Whether in reality or in the game, we can find dozens of mistakes. Developing a complete game is extremely difficult. It takes a lot of processes, testing, and fixes for a game to be released. However, even the best games also have flaws. It could be about plots, gameplay or characters. Anyway, they leave questions or even annoyance for players. Let’s talk about the top 6 biggest flaws in fantastic video games!

1. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a legend in the Western cowboy game series. This game not only satisfies players with great techniques, beautiful graphics, attractive storylines but it also has speciality compared to other cowboy games. Instead of choosing the context in the late 19th century, when the West was still a wild destination, the law was still loose, Rockstar decided to select the early 20th century. 

red dead redemption

Red Dead Redemption is the story of John Marston who wanted to forget the sinful past of living outside the law wants and to live peacefully with his wife and son. But things were not easy for John when the Federal Bureau of Investigation abducted his family, forcing him to find and kill the remnants of his gang.

Everything is awesome until Chapter V called “The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed”.  In this chapter, our main character and his family are attacked by soldiers.

The next story happens like this: John tried to protect his wife and son and told them to escape the house, they needed to flee. He and a man (Uncle) were withstanding the first attack with the hope that they could defeat the forces.

Meanwhile, his wife and son were still in the house. John told his son Jack to stay in the house but of course, Jack ignored his father’s warning and followed John outside.

The next attack came, Uncle was being shot, John and his family fled to the barn. The attacks were increasingly intense. The scene became chaotic with deadly sounds. At that time, the cowboy realized that he could never leave his dark past and bloody debts. John put Jack and his wife on a horse and told them to ride as far as possible. 

I know, we know, it’s the end of a legendary cowboy. One man, twenty soldiers, and no chance. This chapter goes like that: shot, shot back and die. Finally, you are here but John is dead. There are still missions in your log, still many things that you haven’t explored yet. And now, you play this game without the main character.

So why I say this is the biggest flaw in Red Dead Redemption? In my opinion, this chapter let me down completely. When soldiers attack, the game happens as you (or your character) can win, can escape, can do something against fate. You believe that John is the best gunslinger with the best technique and he can do anything. But this quest says “no” and the last result is to kill John Marston. This feeling cannot be described by words.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

grand theft auto v

Grand Theft Auto is a game franchise associated with the childhood of many generations. Part 5 was developed for 4 years, with a team of about 250 people. Estimated funding for the development was more than $137 million and the cost of promoting the game was over $265 million, making Grand Theft Auto 5 the most expensive game in history. 

The game tells about three main characters who are Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton. 9 years before the events in the game, Michael was a married man but his family life faced many conflicts. Fed up with that fact, Michael collaborated with Trevor to carry out terrorist robberies. They worked well together and carried out a series of major robberies.

After the robbery at a North Yankton bank, Michael and Trevor misunderstood something and decided to separate. Michael withdrew from the wanderer and enjoyed his life as a normal person. Meanwhile, Trevor continued his adventures. 

9 years after this event, the story officially began. An ambitious young gangster, Franklin, went to Michael to seek help. Michael decided to return to the old way. He and Franklin made grand robberies, causing a great buzz in the underworld.

After the participation of Trevor, the trio made robberies on large scale. With such a complex and contradictory plot, Grand Theft Auto V cannot avoid having flaws that make players wonder. 

First, a question arises, how could Lester not recognize Trevor alive? As I say, after the robbery at a North Yankton bank, Michael and Trevor had to separate. While Michael was following a witness protection program, Trevor was presumed dead by Michael and his close friend Lester Crest.

The fact that Michael didn’t know that Trevor was alive was understandable because he was living with his family in Los Santos. However, Lester had always been a boss in the underworld, handling robberies, assassinations, and other illegal business activities through criminals.

Meanwhile, Trevor was still alive and running his own criminal empire in the desert called Trevor Phillips Enterprises. So how did Lester never discover the existence of Trevor?

Secondly, where does Michael’s money come from? Currently, Michael is living in a mansion with his family. He spends the day relaxing by the pool and only going outside when he meets the therapist. Michael’s wife and two children also seem to be out of work. However, they are living quite comfortably in a mansion.

Some people can deduce that Michael is using the money he robbed from banks. However, he is in a witness protection program and is under government supervision. Therefore, it’s impossible.

Finally, how was Franklin, who was being chased, allowed to move freely in the city? One of the primary antagonists of Grand Theft Auto V is Martin Madrazo, the head of a large drug gang and a thorn in the eyes of the trio Michael – Trevor –Franklin.

After Michael and Franklin destroyed Madrazo’s house in the game, he managed many missions for Kingpin to save himself. It would be nothing special if Trevor didn’t kidnap Madrazo’s wife. This makes Madrazo hunt down Trevor and Michael. Therefore, they have to hide outside the city. Until the abduction is solved, both will be attacked if they are in the city. However, players can still control Franklin in the city, perform tasks, and freely move. This is really confusing. Franklin is a well-known friend and partner of Michael and Trevor. He even contacted them many times while they were hiding from Madrazo. So why did Madrazo let this absurdity happen?

3. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is a very popular game in the gaming community, breaking all records of Capcom’s best selling games of the time and creating a whole new wave.

Monster Hunter World has a very simple core value. That is hunting. You are a hunter, the world around you is full of horrible and scary monsters. Your job is to kill them, collect raw materials from them to make more powerful equipment, so you can continue hunting even stronger monsters. No complexity, no fuss, that’s Monster Hunter World. But Capcom has achieved great results, building a whole world around that core.

The game has more than 14 different types of weapons with unique usages and characteristics that help you defeat monsters having different weaknesses. With such a huge arsenal, being able to master them is not easy.  This requires the player to apply the observant mind rather than using the limbs.

You will have to learn and remember everything, from recipes to making a health pot to more complicated combos. This is also what makes Monster Hunter World unable to become more popular (compared to the level achieved in the past) and leaves a few annoyances. 

For example, when the player confronts Nergigante and must find a way to defeat this monster. Despite being a new Elder Dragon of the game, Nergigante seems to be in Monster Hunter World for a long time. Majestically and colossally, Nergigante possesses a unique beauty that only dragon lovers can understand.  Of course, along with that beauty was the unpredictable danger of an Elder Dragon.  

As expected, Nergigante is an extremely aggressive creature, ready to fight to the death, rarely fleeing when injured like other monsters in the game. Therefore, defeating this monster has become a difficult challenge that makes many gamers “give up”.

If you don’t use the right weapons and tactics, or in other words, giving up completely what you have accumulated when hunting until now, you almost cannot conquer this monster. To defeat this monster, you need a lance instead of a shotgun. 

This can explain the inability of the hunters to use shotguns because of every stage, the skill they built from the beginning of the game until meeting Nergi is completely useless. Players must use a new weapon, spend 2-3 days to research and master it. I think this is the most annoying part of this enjoyable game.

4. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

If you are a big fan of Lord Of The Ring or simply a gamer who loves action games, you should not miss Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. It is rated as the best Lord Of The Rings game ever released as well as an action game masterpiece of 2014.

At first glance, you can think that Shadow of Mordor is not a very special product because it borrows a lot of action elements from other blockbuster games. 

For example, the hiding and climbing style of Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft or the fighting style of the Batman Arkham series. However, the real attraction of the game is hidden behind the familiar gameplay elements. It is a fascinating linear plot with random happenings during the game.

Shadow of Mordor is started pathetically. Our main character, Talion, is a warrior defending the Black Gate – the gateway to the dangerous land of Mordor.  In the first scene of the game, the Orc army attacked Talion’s base, killing his teammates and family in order to perform the Blood Sacrifice ritual of Blank Hand. Talion did not escape that tragic fate, but he was fortunate to be revived when the spirit of the Wraith entered his body. Wraith is the soul of an Elf Lord. 

Personally, I believe this is the first mistake of Shadow of Mordor. According to the original story, all spirits of the Elf after death must return to a place called “The house of Mandos”. Only God can allow an Elf’s soul to return to earth. Even Sauron, the head of Mordor does not have the power to revive the Elf, is it possible for a henchman called Blank Hand? This is absurd! 

The other thing that makes me annoyed is the end of this game. It can be said that every fight in the game is better and leaves more impression for the player than ending of this game. It’s not fair that a game that invests a lot of time and resources to develop villains like Shadow of Mordor has such a boring ending.

The Orcs (or Uruks) in the game have different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, when you defeat one of them, you will have a unique impression of each character. This is an undoubtedly interesting fact of Shadow of Mordor. But the last part of the game is so down when you only see a short cutscene and defeat the boss with QTE (Quick Time Event). Why cannot design a final battle screen more unique?

5. Mario Kart

If you are a lover of speed or adventure sport – game, then Mario Kart is the game you should try. This is considered as the “legend” of racing game series. Even though there have been many similar titles released, such as Chocobo Racing and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, the monument of Mario Kart has never been collapsed. Maybe part of the reason comes from the image of the legendary Mario plumber but I think this is not enough. 

Since its inception, Mario Kart has written the definition for the racing series and what it built has turned into the standard for the same games to follow. It can be said that few games bring many emotions to players like Mario Kart series.

Gamers will be satisfied with characters, tracks, items, graphics, and gameplay. However, I believe many people have the same feeling when encountering this flaw. 

That is the Blue Shell – an extremely rare item. It is difficult for Blue Shell to appear in a race. Also, this item is known as “a breaker of relationships” because it can cause players to have or lose everything.

Although Blue Shell has been reshaped abundantly in Mario Kart versions, it retains an annoying ability: Always Attacking The First Position. Imagine you are in the first place and the finish line is in front of you. And then, boom! Blue Shell suddenly appears and attacks you, making you the final position. How awful it feels! I bet you will get stressed if this happens many times. 

But if you look on the bright side, Blue Shell can help you overcome other competitors when you get low rank on the track. Personally, I think Blue Shell is an “unfair item” that can destroy our interest when playing game. 

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Talking about the open game genre, we cannot ignore the famous Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. Almost versions in the GTA series have excellent quality but I personally believe that San Andreas is the best version of Grand Theft Auto series. San Andreas not only satisfies gamers with interesting plot, attractive gameplay, wonderful graphics, but also with adventure missions. 

Besides, one of the most famous tasks in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the Wrong Side Of The Tracks. It’s also known as the biggest flaw of this great game.

Basically, this quest is not too complicated. The players’ job is just to ride a motorbike to chase the train and carry Big Smoke behind so he can shoot the thugs of the Vagos gang on the train’s roof.

However, riding a motorbike is not as easy as we imagine. Players have to adjust the speed to go with the train, to avoid enemy attacks, to overcome obstacles on the road or even to dodge the train going in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Big Smoke cannot shoot any hostile. 

Finally, when the mission fails, Big Smoke shouts at your face: “All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ”. At that moment, I just wish that CJ could argue: “If you’re good, just take the drive?”.

As you can see, even the most fantastic games also have flaws. However, in general, they don’t affect too much to the player’s experience as well as the quality of game. Thanks for reading!

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