Borderlands 3 which is developed by Gearbox Software and released by 2K Games as an action role-playing first-person shooter video game.

The game has added a number of new features and mechanics to gameplay, giving you lots of fun things when involving it. It is now available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Borderlands 3: Review

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PC, MacOS
  • Genres: Action RPG, FPS
  • Modes: Single player, multiplayer


borderlands 3

You get to pick among four characters, each of which is in a different class with unique combat abilities. It is more flexible for you to build the type of character you like in Borderlands 3.

The Vault Hunters have an active skill tied to each of their three respective ability trees for the first time. Your friend and you are able to play the same character with entirely different builds and functions. Here is the list of characters in Borderlands 3:

  • Zane: the Operative who manages the robots, clones, and obstacles on the battlefield.
  • Moze: the Gunner who calls to fly and equip a giant mech that suits with numerous cool weapons and upgrades.
  • Amara: the Siren which can withstand elemental damage by conjuring up magical weapons. 
  • FL4K: the robot Beastmaster that has tamed a variety of wild creatures who are battling alongside them.

The only problem is that you have to choose between them at the beginning of the game and cannot switch once you are underway. Obviously, while players will meet plenty of new faces in the game, there are several characters returning from previous Borderlands installments.


Borderlands 3 is all about guns. 

Borderlands 3 has over a billion weapons; however, there are just six ammunition types, namely Attack, Shotgun, Sniper, SMG, Strong and Pistol. There is a wide range of different firearms producers, each of which builds its guns with a special feature exclusive to their business.

Torgue, for example, ensures that each of its arms is able to deal with explosive damage, while Tediore transforms the weapon into a grenade when thrown. As long as you have money, you could get the gun ranging from shotguns to assault rifles to rocket launchers.

In addition, every weapon in Borderlands 3 is a joy to use. Don’t care about the opening area side quests, just burn through the plot. Borderlands 3 is only about to reveal its charm once you are on a spacecraft and explore new planets.


The new moves of climbing and sliding do help you to better navigate environments better, and thus escape from certain attacks. Thanks to the sliding and mantling capacity on and over objects, navigating around the environment feels smoother. Movement became quite fluid, which is a significant upgrade compared to the previous Borderlands versions.


You are able to get out of Pandora’s dusty plains and get into space to explore the star-lined views outside Sanctuary III.

There are four Borderlands 3 planets, namely Promethea, Pandora, Eden-6, and Athenas, all of which play a vital role during the game.

While exploring each planet, you will meet friendly inhabitants or unfriendly ones, collect loot, complete missions and battle with dangerous creatures along the way. Each planet is home to new threats and their own unique biosphere, which might make players feel surprised.


Just like weapons, the enemies in Borderlands 3 are diverse enough for you to enjoy long playing hours. Missions frequently end up with you encountering a well-designed boss. It is advised that you had better learn of their patterns of attack, and then wait for a chance to gain score for critical hits.

The list below is about the three toughest bosses you might face with in Borderlands 3:

  • Killavolt: You will face Killavolt in Lectra City while you are about to finish a quest called “Kill Killavolt”.  
  • Captain Traunt: He is a boss who you will encounter at the end of the planet named Athenas. Additionally, remember that he is a mix of fire, corrosive, and shock – three kinds of strong enemies. 
  • Katagawa Ball: Skywell-27 is a wonderful place to discover, but once Rhys sticks it to the man and blows up Zanara, ol’ Katagawa will immediately appear in charge of an immense sphere of death. Make sure that you know what to do when encountering this kind of enemy.

Borderlands 3: Tips

1. Alternate Fire Modes

The introduction of alternate firing modes for a variety of weapons is a new characteristic for Borderlands 3. However, it can also be easy to forget how to utilise them in the most effective way.

Be sure to review the weapon’s in-game summary from your inventory to see if it has any alternate fire modes whenever you equip a new one. Although you are able to switch between two modes at any point of time, change them wisely.

2. Select An Appropriate Elemental Damage Type

Based on who is your enemy, your choice of a specific weapon will make a big difference between shredding your target or making a dent.

As previously mentioned, the different forms of elemental damage have a specific impact on combat. Find it out in the following list:


it is the most powerful form of damage used to flesh enemies or enemies whose health level is red. Another name of incendiary is “fire damage”. Nonetheless, incendiary damage seems to be less effective against shielding and armor health.

As a result, saving explosive weapons for when you have removed the shielding or armor of an enemy is the  best choice. It is suggested that incendiary be a perfect choice for competing with hostile animals.


Shock damage is the primary “shield-stripping” type of damage since it owns much damage against enemy shields.

Additionally, an effect of electrical status to enemies can be applied to it, which causes low overtime damage and stuns them temporarily, making shooting easier.

It, however, is worse against flesh and metal. Therefore, it is safer to use shock weapons against heavily protected enemies that would otherwise need a large amount of regular fire to take down.


Corrosive damage, also known as “acid damage”, is the best way to end yellow-health-bars and armored enemies’ lives. Nevertheless, it is weaker to flesh and especially for shielding. That is the reason why players want to use corrosive damage when facing enemies in armour.


Gamers wish to use cryo damage is mainly because enemies are slowed down enemies by using it, and it can even freeze them as long as you hit them long enough. This is the reason why it is named “freeze damage”.  However, you will want to avoid using it against enemies having shields because of the shields of cryo resistance.


It is not the same as any kinds of damage in the game in terms of it having no benefits against a specific type of heath. Alternatively, the way it functions is similar to poison damage in other games.

If your enemy dies of radiation damage, they will explode and cause a circle of radiation around them, creating a “radiation cycle.” This will help kill other enemies close to that dead one, which is especially helpful when using radiation damage to end a group’s lives at the same time.

3. Do Your Research For Character Builds

The four heroes hold specific abilities which can be invested in and modified once you increase their level in the game. Gearbox has now placed the ability tree of every Vault Hunter online through its website, and the Borderlands group has already done research to figure out the latest and coolest builds for every character. Therefore, you had better spend time learning about characters carefully.

4. Dump As Much Money As Possible Into SDU Upgrades

In order to increase your carrying ability, you should buy Storage Deck Upgrades. You must therefore buy the corresponding SDU for each form of product or ammunition. For instance, you need to buy a Pistol SDU if you wish to level up your pistol ammo ability.

5. Fast Travel From Anywhere

You are allowed to move quickly from anywhere to any Fast Travel station explored before or to your most recently used vehicle. What you can teleport also involves Fast Travel stations on other planets. When you have found a new place outside Sanctuary III, you can immediately travel there without having to warp back to Sanctuary III.

6. Find Some Friends

Borderlands 3 is best enjoyed as a multiplayer experience. Do not worry if you cannot find three other friends to play with, the game has a decent matchmaking system, so you can quickly jump into a game with randos. The drop rate increases the more players are in your game, so a maxed out party is a great way to get some of those gold drops, as well as increased cash and XP.


Borderlands 3 is a game that does not stray too far from its predecessors with the same gameplay loop, same ridiculous characters, even the same performance problems. However, it cannot be denied that Borderlands 3 is the most technically advanced and the best-looking game in the same series. Should you be looking for a light-hearted RPG that you can have fun with your friends, the game is quite a good choice for you.

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