Call of Duty is one of the largest game brands in the world, and despite the fact that game companies will keep on milking these highly lucrative franchises for as long as they can, new versions of this series are still well-received each year.

This is a prequel of Call of Duty 4, inheriting the characters memorable and the name associated with the beautiful memories in the hearts of gamers, does the Modern Warfare deserve this name? Read the review and tips for playing this game.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Review

call of duty modern warfare
  • Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One
  • Genre: FPS
  • Modes: Single player, multiplayer

Excellent Graphics And Sound

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare possesses a greatly impressive campaign play, although it has absolutely no wall movement, double jump, no skill sets attached to the cores.

Hero-type wrestlers, even without the weapons of the future with angular and flashy looks really impress. Modern Warfare only possesses a graphics platform that looks extremely realistic in every aspect, from appearance of the gadgets you use, faces and skin of each character to the fierce battlefield surrounding the character of the player. 

Indeed, you can hardly criticize graphics of this game. From the burning deserts to the murky jungle, from the narrow underground tunnels to the dense urban areas are built in a very detailed and true to life way.

Ray-tracing effects also appear in the game to make the lighting effects more beautiful and trustworthy, bringing incredible detail on faces of characters, in their eyes and on the guns they carry. Of course, you also need to pay a fair price to enjoy all these beauties.

call of duty modern warfare graphics
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gameplay

Modern Warfare also owns an armament system and the feeling of shooting corresponds to its image. The weapons in the game now have compact, powerful and clear gunfire, replacing the “flat” sounds that are often criticized as being powerless in the previous Call of Duty versions, including games developed by Treyarch or Sledgehammer.

They are killing tools, but their use in the gameplay provides a very interesting experience, especially for guns equipped with “toys.” Unfortunately, you cannot choose weapons in these single-player screens as Treyarch did.

New Points

Captain Price will return, as shown in the first trailer with the saying, “Bravo Six, Going Dark.” Some other old characters also return or are referred to here as a prequel, including Gaz, Soap, Nikolai, Ghost, Kamarov and … General Shepherd. They play different roles in the game, but no one is the main character, giving way to three new characters, CIA agent Alex, SAS warrior Kyle Garrick, and rebel Farah Karim.

The three campaign stages that I appreciate the most in Modern Warfare 2019 are: 

  • The Embassy, ​​where you are deprived of the power to kill and can only use the camera to protect an ordinary citizen.
  • Wolf Den lets you by moving to targets in whatever order they like.
  • The Clean House where fierce gun fights take place relentlessly in tight spaces.

The stage always forces gamers to stretch nervously waiting for what is about to happen and watch out for sniper shots that can come from several sides.

In particular, in Clean House and Wolf Den, the combination of dense darkness, the solitude of the environment and the green view from the night vision goggles always make the player feel like “I’m in the middle of a fight”.

Fierce Battlefield

call of duty: modern warfare battlefield
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battlefield

The old Pick 10 system has been retired for replacement with a much more detailed, profound and freer customization system. Meanwhile, the new Gunsmith part is very carefully cared to help gamers easily destroy each component on the gun, balancing their strengths and weaknesses together to create a gun that best suits you.

Moreover, you can also change loadout and components right in the middle of the match, something that has never happened in Call of Duty before!

The impact of these changes has been evident in the game’s Multiplayer modes, a player with poor reflexes can also feel that he contributed to the game.

And in Gunfight mode, where the individual’s level is extremely focused, players sometimes have some “ecstasy” to save a round. In other modes, both old and new modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Cyber ​​Attack, Search & Destroy, … these changes also help gamers can play more slowly and calculate more, using their minds to salvage feedback, fast reflexes.

Ground War, a new multiplayer mode that Infinity Ward adds to the game, is also a bright spot. With a maximum of 64 players (32vs32), Ground War is almost a challenge that Modern Warfare has for Battlefield rivals: a large, chaotic battlefield with the existence of motor vehicles, where battles are constantly changing and clashes are constantly taking place across the map.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Tips

Captain Price is back with better things, newly updated guns and mechanics for a fun experience. That means there are new weapons to master, for example. As well as completely new strategies online, with camping and playing more territory. Make possible alternatives to run fast and hopefully you’ll activate first.

Here, we’ll give you 9 modern warfare tips needed for the game, both campaign and multiplayer, to help you easily play the game with minimal friction and hopefully not too many Kill In Action:

call of duty captain price
Captain Price

1. Shoot in the Air

You can still shoot nearby players while flying in the air. A special parachuting mechanism allows you to open the parachute and then close it. You can now pull out your existing pistol and shoot at any enemies in the air with you. And when it falls close to the ground, simply reopen your umbrella and land safely.

2. Parachute

You can open your parachute / umbrella anytime when you’re far enough away from the ground. Falling off an average height building, off the plane. It also helps you to move an average distance quickly.

3. Money in the Game

If you loot a lot of money early, then try to save. Approximately $4500 is reasonable because both can buy items comfortable but also revive teammates. Then use them to buy some support items. But don’t store your money for too long, if you die, you’ll lose it even if you revive. So don’t save money too long unless you save money on something special. 

4. Think Like a Tier One Operator

Reckless deaths can lead to an enemy taking the upper hand, so it may be wise to adopt a tactical method and consider all options before diving into battle.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battlefield
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battlefield

5. Mission

When playing goal-based game modes, you are more likely to join and win games by focusing on the goal in hand. When loot, you will see some nearby missions, if possible or receive. Quests are marked on the map with icons in Contracts when you turn on the map.

The missions in Warzone are relatively simple, but the reward is a lot of money. So prioritize the tasks at the beginning of the game, you will have the advantage later on. When playing goal-based game modes, you are more likely to join and win games by focusing on the goal in hand.

In addition, the potential XP achieved to capture goals and the many challenges surrounding winning games makes it worth considering when playing goals.

6. Gas

The gas in Warzone is like the green circle in PUBG, except that you can “wander” in the gas area for a while if Gas Mask is bought at the shop.

7. Communication Is Key

The best people in the business probably rely on their teammates to perform the task at hand. Many people play with friends or create some new people in the waiting room, communicating clearly, effectively can go a long way in battle.

8. Intel Is Power, Both In-game and Out

Having what we call a high IQD IQD – knowledge of the game and its mechanics can help in online matches with community members. Remember to check the Activision Games Blog regularly for a variety of guides – from basic migration tips to specific maps and tactical modes – that will help boost your IQ COD.

Overall, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a brilliant success of Infinity Ward. The game possesses an excellent single player component – perhaps the most intriguing in the history of the series. Besides, the network battlefield of the game is no less attractive because it allows gamers to compete against or cooperate with friends to conquer the challenges of Call of Duty. Try applying the tips that we have put you in the article to have the best gaming experience.

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