Since the early 90s, the First Person Shooting genre has grown into one of gaming’s most popular, with numerous impressive franchises and series. It’s their amazing graphics and simplicity in plot that engage us, due to the fact that tons of players spent upon hours shooting down aliens, monsters and others assorted baddies. As a result, some of their weapons and tools have become more iconic than ever. 

In this non-classified list, we recommend you the most powerful and coolest weapons in FPS genre games, from the classic to modern. Game developers have dedicated themselves to creating the increasingly exceptional weapon designs, why not praising them for a moment? 

1. The M16A4 with Grenade Launcher – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Cool weapon 1: The M16A4 with Grenade Launcher – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Cool weapon 1: The M16A4 with Grenade Launcher in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Available right from level 1 with no unlocks needed, the M16A4 assault rifle is many players’ first option when joining the multiplayer battlefield.

This is because of its great accuracy and damage, which helps reducing the shots needed to kill by one in most circumstances. The M16A4 kills in 3 shots, or 1 burst if the whole burst connects, up to 42 meters, after which it becomes a 4-shot kill. The M16A4 is highly effective from a medium distance, as its burst fire is not very suitable for close quarter combat.

Despite of not being so much praised in the field, the grenade launcher is an excellent way to bombard the enemy with a few of explosives at the beginning of a match. The combination of M16A4 and grenade launcher will go down in history as one of Modern Warfare’s unforgettable guns.

2. BFG 9000 – DOOM Series

Cool weapon 2: BFG 9000 in DOOM Series
Cool weapon 2: BFG 9000 in DOOM Series
BFG 9000 - DOOM gameplay a powerful weapon in FPS games
BFG 9000 – DOOM gameplay

Besides its common guns and chainsaws, DOOM guys also possess another tool assisting the battle against evil army, which is a gun with damaging power of the legendary type – BFG 9000 (Bio-Force Gun). Nothing can describe the gun better than its name, BFG – Big Fucking Gun, together with its appearance of a large, solid metal gun. 

The BFG 9000 fires a green burst of plasma, by just one pull of triggering, BFG 9000 launches an energy ball that can burn all targets anywhere from 1 to 120 damage a shot at 100 meters. As for the slow speed and large radius of projectiles, it will cause big damage before enemy can leave the area. With the power of 6000 damage a direct hit can reach, BFG 9000 is the most powerful weapon in the game.

Created since 1990s, the gun is made based on the publishers’ “the bigger the better” slogan. They believed that the bigger the more hugger the weapon, the greater stronger it will be. 

3. The AWP Sniper – Counter-Strike 

Cool weapon 3: The AWP Sniper – Counter-Strike
Cool weapon 3: The AWP Sniper – Counter-Strike

First of all, we should be aware that AWP is a kind of weapon that requires sophistication and skillfulness, not just pick up the gun and discharge bullets like AK-47.

Its name is abbreviation for  Arctic Warfare Police or  Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM). Players often mistake them as the 2 different kinds of gun, but actually they’re one. With its perfect “one-shot, one-kill” ability, AWP is capable of killing enemies with or without armor by only one hit. Whoever wants to be a Sniper must train and be skillful at this legendary gun. The sound emitted when firing is quite loud and easy to make opponents terrified if the killfeed keeps showing up after each gunfire. 

Despite its strength, AWP also has disadvantages such as heavy weight, causing extremely slow movement speed and high cost.

4. The Golden Gun – GoldenEye 007 (2010)

Cool weapon 4: The Golden Gun – GoldenEye 007
Cool weapon 4: The Golden Gun – GoldenEye 007
The Golden Gun – GoldenEye 007 powerful weapon in fps video games
The Golden Gun – GoldenEye 007

The Golden Gun, in my opinion, is the strongest weapon in GoldenEye 007. It only appears is in the secret bonus mission Egyptian, but is available afterward as its own cheat. The Golden Gun is a “one-shot one-kill” type of weapon because it only holds one bullet at a time, and must be reloaded every time it is fired. Due to its extreme power, it can kill any enemy in the game with a single shot. The Golden Gun is available in multiplayer in its own weapon set.

According to the plot, in order to get the Golden Gun in Egyptian, Bond must walk through a room only by touching the correct floor tiles. If he steps on the wrong tile, a bulletproof glass shield will surround the weapon and its ammunition, and four alcoves containing drone guns will open. Bond must then rush into the room to close the drone gun alcoves, which will allow him to attempt the tile puzzle again.

5. The Nailgun – Quake

The Nailgun shooting – Quake

The Nailgun is a nail-firing weapon used in Quake.  This kind of weapon blasts rusty nails at your enemies’ foes, attacking them with surprising force. Although there are alot more powerful weapons in the game, nailgun is still impressive with its accuracy and brutal ammunition. Additionally it causes no damage falloff and recoil, which makes it very useful against faraway targets.

It makes its very first appearance At The Slipgate Complex, in a small room situated above the bridge which can be accessed with an elevator. 

6. Blue Gravity Gun – Half Life 2 

Cool weapon 6: Blue Gravity Gun - Half Life 2
Cool weapon 6: Blue Gravity Gun – Half Life 2

Causing no damage, not having a long range, so why Blue Gravity Gun is still a legend in Half Life 2

The ability of Blue Gravity Gun is to help players lift up everything around. This allows players to easily handle the debris blocking the doorway, and more specifically increase creativity in the fight with the enemy.

The gun has two modes. The primary fire releases an energy blast which attacks the targeted object with massive force. This is useful for clearing out barriers and removing heavy materials. The secondary fire picks objects up and holds them just ahead of the gun. These objects can then either be dropped by pressing the secondary fire button a second time or punted with the primary fire. The secondary fire can only pick up lighter objects.

7. Tesla Gun – Wolfenstein series 

Poweful weapon 7: Tesla Gun – Wolfenstein series
Poweful weapon 7: Tesla Gun – Wolfenstein series
A drawing of the Tesla gun from Wolfeinstein Fandom.

Lightning- or electricity-based weapons have been quite a newcomer in FPS genre. If I were to choose the most significant one, it would go to Tesla Gun in the Wolfenstein series. 

The Tesla Gun is a continuous beam weapon blasting various arcs of electricity to target nearby enemies, creating a spread similar to that of a shotgun. As the player upgrades the gun, its lethality goes up quickly, making it the most powerful close-range weapon, especially against physically weaker enemies. Even if the player is surrounded, the weapon will tear the enemy troops or monsters up like a hot knife through butter, stunning them, making them scream to their death. It constitutes one of the most savage weapons in an already brutal game. The awesome physics engine and decent particle effects makes the carnage even more apparent and the gun also can affect metallic objects in the game world. 

8. Flak Cannon – Unreal Tournament series

Flak Cannon – Unreal Tournament series

The Flak Cannon is a suitable weapon to attack your enemies at close distances. The basic fire shoots linear shrapnels that can demolish any armor and kill the target with a single, or a maximum of 2 shots . The secondary fire flings a chunk of molten metal, which provides splash damage enough to kill one or two of your opponents. The secondary fire is also useful when shooting enemies sitting behind cover. With an ammo capacity of 50, this weapon is handy in a Deathmatch.

The Flak Cannon has been available in Unreal Tournament series since its born in 1999. Throughout the game, there are several key components of the Flak Cannon that remain the same. 

It appearance consists of a “bumble bee yellow” color and slight wear.

9. Recurve Bow – Far Cry 3

Cool weapon 9: Recurve Bow - Far Cry 3
Cool weapon 9: Recurve Bow – Far Cry 3. Image from Far Cry fandom.

There are plethora of amazing guns in Far Cry 3 and various way to customize them, but for the silent deadly type, the Recurve Bow cannot be beaten. The Recurve Bow made it first appearance in Far Cry 3. It’s extremely useful for hunting both human and beasts, can be armed with explosive or flaming arrows. 

With the advantage of no noise making and the ability of  one-shot one-kill (with humans) and arrows recovery, Recurve Bow will help you easily penetrate the enemy lair, while saving quite a lot of ammunition.

Furthermore, players can customize this bow to their liking in order to give you an advantage during use. For armored soldiers, you only need 2 shots to defeat them, one to destroy the armor and the second to kill. One more point to note is that using weapons like the Recurve Bow will help you get more Karma points than other guns so please take advantage of it wherever you go.

10. Stake Gun – Painkiller

Stake Gun – Painkiller

Painkiller storyline resembles DOOM and Quake in the point that the player have to fight against the enemy creatures spawned straight from hell. Stake Gun is the best gun to my liking. 

Steak Gun is a gun that shoots stakes at high speed. What made it an unique one is the ability to stake enemies to the walls, floor, ceiling…or anywhere else you could manage, 

Steak Gun has two modes of primary fire and alternative fire. Its primary fire mode releases wooden stakes from a pneumatic sling to attack opponents. After travelling a certain distance it will ignite, causing its damage to increase. However its trajectory will later gradually decay. They also fly in parabolic arcs, players need to adjust their aim to reach further targets.The secondary fire mode blasts a grenade, which explodes after a few seconds or when hitting a foe. The drawback is that you will be easily get hurt with this, as they explode while contacting. 

11. Cerebral Bore – Turok 2 

Cool weapon 11: Cerebral Bore - Turok 2
Cool weapon 11: Cerebral Bore – Turok 2

The Cerebral Bore of Turok 2 is a strange, circular device that was colored grey. It scans for brain activity, aim the targets then blasts its projectile straight into target’s head, and then detonates. It constitutes one of the most gruesome weapons in the gaming history. 

Despite of its power for killing enemies at one shot only, compared to others weapon in the game, it is the slower and less reliable one. To use it, the weapon must be locked onto a target that is proved to be difficult against mobile enemies. It is recommended to use from a distance or for a sneak attack. Given its maximum range, even sneak attacks can be struggling as the player cannot be too far from targets or it will not detect them.

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