There is no coincidence that Destiny 2 has been mentioned so much by the Game community recently. It is seen as a “catchy predecessor” of Destiny, after a series of trailers and videos which are demonstrating attractive gameplay, Destiny 2 was born and appealed to thousands of gamers, even though those who have not yet to be interested in Destiny before.

Destiny 2: Overview

destiny 2 video game
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
  • Genre: FPS
  • Mode: Multiplayer

After gaining a huge revenue and success of Destiny game, Bungie continued to develop and release Destiny 2 games. It is an FPS shooting game combined with RPG elements (like the Borderlands or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare). The game then quickly achieved good results and also broke the record for the number of players, revenue, and so on

In this game, players will have to perform activities to get weapons, collectibles, in order to increase the power of the character. Although focusing on such things like PvE, coop, Raid, Destiny 2 also has a PvP system that is considered to be quite diverse, including modes such as free for all, team Deathmatch, domination and also its own PvP mode.

destiny 2 pvp mode
Destiny 2 gameplay in PvP mode

The Classes Of Characters In Destiny 2

Players will have the right to choose one of three character classes: Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans. Each class will have different and prominent elements in appearance, weapons, skills and fighting styles.

The characteristics of each class can be summarized as the following descriptions:

  • Hunter has slight fighting style, often choosing long-range weapons to deal with dangers.
  • Titan is resistant to all types of bullets, has the capacity to become a “tanker” in your team.
  • Warlock has good remote attack ability, also known as “magician using guns”.
Titan - Hunter - Warlock in Destiny
Titan – Hunter – Warlock in Destiny

During the game, when players complete the main tasks, and if reaching a certain number of score, the player will be upgraded to be stronger. Similar to other online role-playing games, Power Level is both the most important indicator and the deciding factor of a character’s strength. It has a huge impact in the PvP battlefield, in missions and even in dealing with raid bosses.

And in order to quickly increase this level, the player must equip an abundance of items such as the rarest equipment and weapons, and the best auxiliary index. The game’s loot mechanism is that gamers will have to take part in all activities, for example, PvP, PvE, Strike co-op missions, or raid boss battles with very high difficulty.

Attractive Graphics And Plot Of Destiny 2

The first plus point of Destiny 2 that fascinates game players is the eye-catching and professional graphics foundation.

Players are immersed in the huge and extremely impressive scenery. Each elaborated frame adding with “tricks” is to revamp the trendy graphics such as, true to life shadow effect, particles “flying” when the player is activating or exploding bombs, guns are truly amazing.

Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay

The striped and reflective textures of the game Destiny 2 is built in good form throughout the entire game, the overall graphic picture runs incredibly smoothly. The soundtrack and volume are also well-performed, and contributed to promote the inherent strengths of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a science fiction genre, set one year after the events of the first Rise of Iron expansion.

During experiencing the game, players will assume the role of Guardian – warriors who have an extraordinary strength, will take on protecting the Earth from the threat of forces who are ambitious for usurping the light to save humanity from chaos of a thousand years ago.

Within the game, a variety of maps are provided and users are assigned to discover on their own: the bustling cities of the European continent have become rubble on Earth, the moon of Jupiter, the Titan moon Saturn …

Tips To Play The Game Destiny 2 Effectively

For new game players approaching and exposing with Destiny 2, please take a look at the following tips:

Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay
  1. Because Destiny 2 is aimed at for cooperation, you should try to find yourself the fastest clan to be guided and helped by eminent players who should get abundantly experience on this game.
  2. In the first time playing this game, you should go to the Tower to meet the NPC Amanda Holliday and replay the 3 campaign sections.
  3. You should take priority over choosing Titan class, next is Warlock and Hunter must be the last one.
  4. Playing “friendly” missions like Story, public event, Strike, Lost sector, Patrol.
  5. Do not approach the Exotic Quest because high difficulty missions, untouchable rewards will discourage you. You can go back to it later once you’ve had enough strength and confidence.
  6. Equipping 1 rifle/ SMG (white primary ammo) to shoot normal monsters and 1 sniper/ fusion/ shotgun (Special Ammo green) to shoot elite + boss as your priority.
  7. You should not take consideration on the options of clothes when the power level have yet to reach a helpful level, please prioritize obtaining large numbers of it so that you can get dressed beautifully or impressively later.


Because Destiny 2 is a shooting game that promotes with a significant amount of content which is worth exploring and experiencing, Destiny 2 is not the optimal choice if you are looking for a kind of “play fast, win fast” – you only need to play for about ten hours to finish, players need to spend at least 1 month to discover and turn over a new leaf so that they are not fed up with.

Destiny 2 gameplay
Destiny 2 gameplay

The truth is that if you totally completed the campaign for about 10 hours, you would complete about 20% of the game content only, there is still such a long way to go.

The information above is about Destiny 2 for your reference, hope you have enough knowledge about this game series.

Please take the time to “personally” experience this famous game Destiny 2!

Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay
Destiny gameplay
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