Detroit: Become Human – An Overview

  • Platforms: PC, PS4
  • Genre: Action-Adventure
  • Mode: Single player

Detroit: Become Human was released in 2018 by producer Quantic Dream. Up to now, it is still considered an exclusively fabulous game on PS4.

The charm of Detroit: Become Human comes from an engaging plot and stunningly lively graphics. Although this game is not suitable for everyone because of its adventure style, Detroit does not lose its attraction as it still has an excellent plot instead. Follow this article to find out why this game is superb!

The game discovers the story of Cyber Life’s supporting robots (Android), they get human perception and request for human rights. Androids are fighting back, demanding that humans must recognize them as an intellectual species, not human slaves.

The Context Of Detroit: Become Human Is In The Future

The Detroit game based on the future in 2038, Detroit city (USA). When science and technology reached the highest level, at that time human is able to produce Robots and Android that bear a resemblance to humans.

In the game, more than 50 million Androids have been produced, all from CyberLife. This is also the key to the conflict between artificial intelligence and human being.

Deep Plot Attracts Game Players

Detroit is about three different main types of characters, all of which include:

  • Connor: A robot investigates cases related to Android
  • Kara: A housekeeping robot
  • Markus: The butler robot for a rich old painter named Carl

Each Android has its own story, goals, and ideals. Connor is an Android model that aims at investigating. Kara has to protect a child from violence and Markus acts as a leader to lead the abandoned Androids to get freedom.

Detroit Become Human Connor
Detroit: Become Human – Connor

Despite the differences between the goals and ideals of each Android, all three are tormented between their life purposes and the duty of serving humans, which is the reason why they are produced.

It is the plot that has helped Detroit have climax, nice knots and makes the game more unpredictable and interesting for gamers.

It was a success when the producer separated the game into three parts, but they connected seamlessly somehow. At first, Connor, Kara, and Markus had nothing in common, except for the fact that they were all Androids. The secret story of those characters is kept until the end of the game.

Players Become More Active In Detroit

Detroit: Become Human - Kara
Detroit: Become Human – Kara

In the game, players will direct their own stories and become the main actor of that. You are entitled to make decisions to determine your character’s life and twist its fate around.

You want a Connor to complete all the assigned task or a Connor has more “human”? Which plan would Markus choose to fight for the freedom of its being? Make a choice and it will give you experiences that you don’t see in any other adventure game.

Each choice will lead to many different endings. Take an example of when Markus chooses to rescue a guarded Android, he will be saved by that same thing in the following levels.

In Detroit: Become human, the player’s protagonist has a hidden emotional bar and this bar will constantly change when the character interacts with other androids. It depends on the player’s emotions. When it reaches a certain level, new options and even mystic ends will be unlocked.

Moreover, any character in Detroit can lose their lives, and the story will change as well.

Some Tips To Have A Good Ending In Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human - Markus
Detroit: Become Human – Markus

Do not let any character in the game lose their life. We have three main characters Connor, Kara, and Markus and some other supporting characters, but equally important are: North, Alice, Luther…

In theory, you can have a good ending as long as the three main characters are alive. However, you should also keep the rest safe.

One tip to keep in mind is that in the Crossroads game screen when Connor meets Markus, if you let Connor die then he will be replaced with a more purely mechanical clone. It will make this character does not have a good ending as expected.

Another note about Connor is that you must always resolve Connor’s cases in a forgiving, and merciful manner. This increases Hank’s sympathy as seeing Connor resembles a human.

One last tip is with Markus character, always choose nonviolent and stay away from the anti-human method. This helps raise the Public Opinion and unlock a good ending smoothly. 

Become Human: Good and Bad

detroit become human robots game

Any game has its pros and cons, and so does Detroit Become Human.


The graphics of this game are magnificent. Every character state is exposed through the eyes. If you pay much attention, you will notice that Connor has deadly eyes at the beginning of the game. But in the end, those eyes are full of humanity and emotion.

A point that most players praise is the speech match 100 percent with the character mouth movements. It is a wonderful experience as you will feel like being in a movie. Therefore, right from the time it was launched, it created a huge hit despite not being advertised much.


The first drawback is probably the game has made heavy use of Quick-time-event (QTE), which is almost every character has a QTE attached.

Sometimes multiple QTEs can be annoying because it makes you can’t enjoy exciting scenes. Like when you are in the middle of watching a cut scene but have to answer a phone call there is no pause button.

The second drawback is that the number of checkpoints is extremely humble. The duration of each part is quite long so the lack of checkpoints can make it time-consuming if you died and have to start over.

Nothing is perfect but after all, Detroit: Become Human has brought a great experience to the players. It can be quite picky and somewhat cinematographic but it deserves to be a blockbuster to get your hands on. So don’t be afraid to try Detroit Become Human, you will be into it.

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