DragonVale was created by Backflip Studios in 2011. This game has always maintained a good number of active players ever since. On top of that, DragonVale is a great example of mobile gaming proven diverse and fun while keeping its simplicity.

Let’s take a look at our video game discovery for more details about this game.

What Is DragonVale About?

A corner of my park in DragonVale.
A corner of my park in DragonVale.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Game genre: Park Simulation, free to play

DragonVale is a breeding simulation game that introduces a magnificent world where you can create your own dragons and keep them in their own habitats. You can satisfy your dragon mania by raising them, care for them, and watching them grow every day.

Moreover, you can keep your beloved dragons in your own park, which consist of various islands suitable for certain type of dragons.

There is a variety of dragons available for you, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. The dragon will rely on the food that you give them in order to grow up and become more powerful.

After your ‘pets’ have reached their adulthood, you can use them in various purposes, such as breeding them with others to create a new type, enter the race track, or take on different quests. Afterward, you will receive Dragoncash or Gems as the rewards.

Briefly, DragonVale is an extremely fun and addictive mobile game that will give you entertaining hours throughout the day.

DragonVale Game Concepts

Here are a few simple concepts which will help you getting more familiar with the game and making it easier for new players to get a better hang of it.

Park and Habitats

There is one important thing, that you have to save your Park ID somewhere because it is required to recover your game progress. In some games like Gardenscapes, when you download the game on the same device, it may show the latest progress even though you removed the game before. But in DragonVale, all of your data will be erased totally if you don’t have the Park ID.

Remember to note down the ParkID!
Remember to note down the ParkID!

It is essentially a park simulation game where players will have their own park to keep and raise the dragons. The park is also where you can build farms and other buildings that will provide the materials to develop your dragon city. Moreover, different types of dragons require different habitats so that they can live and grow. With that being said, you need to create an environment before having a new dragon.

Grow and Harvest

For the dragons to become powerful, you need to give them certain treats that will boost their stats and abilities. You can do that by having farms in your park, then harvest the crop and give them to your lovely dragons.

Races, Quests, and Seasonal Events

You can see the type of dragons as well as its egg from the Marketplace.
You can see the type of dragons as well as its egg from the Marketplace.

You can send your dragons to races or join quests to earn valuable items and even Dragoncash. These are the important resources you can use to purchase and build everything in your park. Occasionally, there will be special seasonal events that come with many fun and rewarding activities. You can even discover new breeds of dragon, ornaments, and habitats.


Managing your entire dragon collection can be quite tough, especially when it is getting bigger and bigger over time. That’s why DragonVale features the Dragonarium – a place to keep all information about your newly hatched and matured dragons. Once in a while, you can join each other in the Cooperative Breeding Cave, which enables rare breeding options.

What Players Do in DragonVale?

The breeding cave in DragonVale.
The breeding cave in DragonVale.

It’s quite simple: you will need to spend your time in building the park and collecting resources to improve the infrastructures. And, your dragons will need foods and habitats, so another thing that players must do is to create a proper environment for the dragons as well as building farms to feed them.

One of the top priorities for players in DragonVale is to create new “hybrid” dragons by combining various species. This will make your island more interested in visitors and also a good way to impress your friends as a dragon master.

You would also want to decorate your island in the most fashionable ways so you can attract more visitors to your island. And by combining various decoration styles, you can create stunning islands that you will surely be proud of.

What Is Fun in Playing DragonVale?

All the tasks above might seem simplistic and aren’t so different from other mobile games, but we find the app is surprisingly addictive.

The most fun thing, in my opinion, is the breeding process. You don’t know which dragon you will get even though there are some basic instructions. If you want to have a Plasma dragon, you should combine a lightning dragon and a water dragon. But, the breeding results may bring in another dragon. We never knew!

The Plasma Dragon.
The Plasma Dragon.

The breeding rules depend on many factors: the dragons to breed, the time of breeding, and others. If you want to breed a specific dragon, for example, the Moon Dragon, just check out Google for the breeding tips.

Also, if you have an egg that you want to know what dragon will be hatched from it, checking the breeding time is also a good idea. Some may take two days to complete, another may take only half an hour!

Put aside the fun when creating your favorite dragons or discovering a new species, DragonVale attracts players due to its capability of letting you play in chunks of minutes no matter where you are. Hence, you can feed your dragons while waiting for the bus at the station, or build the farms while you’re having lunch, and so on. This allows players to spend time do other important stuff and keep them from feeling bored.

On top of that, although in-app purchases are available, it is reduced to a minimum, which means your efforts will always be appreciated. If you’re short on time and eager to find out what will your eggs turn into, you can purchase some “Gem” to speed up the process. Otherwise, there isn’t anything that these “Gem” can do to alter your progress in the game.

Opposite Elements Breeding in DragonVale

The galaxy habitat.
The galaxy habitat.

One thing that players always love to do in DragonVale is creating limited dragons that not many others have. Hence, breeding species with opposite elements always sounds appealing to dragon masters in DragonVale. But as much as you want to, you can’t directly breed opposite elements with each other.

What you need to do is breed certain hybrids to create the opposite hybrids that you desire. Here is a list of the fastest combinations that our fellows from Without the Sarcasm has provided. Hopefully, it will be able to help you in creating your desired dragons.

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