In the Fallout series, it seems that Fallout 76 is the part that has received the most negative feedback from players. Not only is it frustrating by constantly appearing many errors that affect players’ experience, but this game also builds a virtual world so lonely and dull. Let’s find out more about that world and how to conquer it easier through the following article!

Fallout 76 Review

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Fallout 76 is set in a world devastated by nuclear war, filled with contaminated zombies, scary mutant creatures.

You are thinking that you will be a superhero to save this world, right? Unfortunately, Fallout 76 will let you approach the world in this game in a completely different way.

Instead of opening the vault, discovering the world, and finding survival communities on earth, you are simply a player and meeting other players! In the other world, the number of NPCs (Non-player characters) is very small, so players can only interact with other players.

All the people you see in the game are other gamers. A world without supporting characters is really, completely, truly boring. Although at the start of the game, you can see many people, they will leave and West Virginia is just a death world. 

The first duty, as usual, is rebuilding the world after the destruction. You have to follow the Vault’s founder and Overseer to find out and control the remaining 3 nuclear missiles.

Passing through Wasteland, you will come to Flatwoods where you can connect with people who are trying to build a better world: The Responders. They are mostly nurses and firefighters helping survivors and building some communities for different purposes. There, you will learn basic survival skills and then find a radio signal that leads to Morgantown, where people need you to against the attack of Scorched zombie. 

fallout 76 gameplay
Fallout 76 gameplay

You can’t imagine how sporadic a game without NPC would be. Fallout 76 doesn’t give us a sense of a real-world, doesn’t make us “fall in love” with this virtual world.

As a result, you play this game like a passerby, not a survivor. Worse, Fallout 76 also breaks all the values of previous Fallout versions. While old versions of Fallout had a “ray of light” for players,

Fallout 76 was complete wreckage. For example, in Fallout 4, we have Diamond City or Strip in New Vegas where you can realize that human civilization is still present. Fallout 76 creates a vision of the apocalypse rather than a bright future. 

Due to the absence of NPCs as the background for the story, Fallout 76 tried to use Combat to make up for the gameplay. However, this part is rated as extremely awful. Fallout 76 is an inaccurate and “rude” experience. All the bosses you face are too foolish to be real threats.

Meanwhile, the game’s VATS system is downgraded into a mediocre Aim Assist which no longer has any tactical elements. Therefore, PvE (Player Vs Environment) in Fallout 76 is simply shooting, shooting and shooting. 

Is Fallout 76 any good?

On the contrary, besides finding legendary weapons, the interesting point of this game is that the blueprints required to build C.A.M.P.s are deeply linked to its wasteland-survivor gameplay.

fallout 76 feature image

Plans can appear with its great amount everywhere, they have a higher-chance to come to your sight in post game content. Scavenging a innocuous building and finding a plan for structuring a garage door bearing great power, for instance, are the most exciting in Fallout 76. 

Additionally, there are truly impressive moments that Bethesda incorporated popular West Virginian myths and put it into the game. Based on various American folktales, it’s the Flatwoods Monster that will strike players as particularly creepy.

When gamers stalk through the woods in Fallout 76, spookish music will be resounded, the Flatwoods Monster will appear in the distance, then vanish in a flash right away. This incredible moment certainly make players’s blood run cold as no one will expect a creepy thing like this to appear in the game.

So how about PvP (Player Vs Player)? Fallout 76 may be the game that owns the worst PvP system in Fallout Series. You shoot, they shoot again, it’s PvP. If they don’t shoot back, it’s PK (Player Kill). Dying to PvP will revive you nearby, ready to fight without losing anything while the winner will only receive a few pennies.

Tips For Fallout 76

If you wanna try this game, there are some essential tips for you!

fallout 76 gameplay

1. Do you need to play with teammates? 

Fallout 76 allows gamers to create a “party” with 3 other players. It would be great if you could bring your friends to buy this game. But playing with strangers is not a bad idea. Players on the same team don’t need to go together, you can separate and still get benefits.

Specifically, when someone in your team completes a task, you will receive money and experience even though you don’t participate in this duty. 

2. Pay attention to the perk you choose 

Some perks in Fallout 76 work quite oddly, so you should carefully read their description. For PC gamers, Scrounger – a perk helps increase the ability to find ammunition – cannot activate itself, you must hit the Space button to activate it.

The other perks that need to be activated by the Space button are Pharma Farma (to find more items in the medicine box) and Can Do! (to find more items in food box).

In my point of view, some useful perks that you should have are Expert Heavy Gunner (to increase maximum damage by 20% for heavy weapons) and Shotgunner (to combine with Sturdy Frame). Besides, there are many perks just being good when you play with your team such as Philanthropist, Team Medic, Spiritual Healer, Inspirational.

3. Combat

Although bullets are not a rare item in Fallout 76, you should still have a few close combat perks. The reason is that Fallout 76 brings back the broken weapon feature to this game. Therefore, if the weapon is broken, you can still fight. Put some Special points in Strength, bring some perks and your favorite melee weapon in case something similar happens.

4. Pay your money!

Although the game is technically very crude, Fallout 76 has a complete cash sales system called Atomic Shop. The money unit of this store is called Atom which you can earn by completing quests in the game or spending money to buy directly. The items in this store include new costumes, skins for Power Armor and Pip-Boy, emotions and movements for the character,… 

5. Where is Power Armor located?

Power Armor is the most important item in the Fallout series. In Fallout 76, every piece of Power Armor you collect will be yours forever. The location where you can pick up this item easily is the Morgantown train station, on the wagon with the word “USA”. Usually, this place only has a few zombies and you can overcome them with just a melee weapon.

Alternatively, you can go to the south, there is another armor in a warehouse near the highway. However, be careful with the mines’ traps. 

Okay that’s it folks! I hope that my above review and tips may help you have a greater and more complete experience with Fallout 76.  

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