For many years, Far Cry developers have always delivered gamers the most fascinating graphics elements and addictive gameplay setting in many exotic areas all over the world with their games.

In Far Cry 5, the story takes place in a fictional town of Hope County, which might seem unimpressive compared to its predecessors, but you’ll soon realize that discovering rural America can be as fun as it is on the Himalaya or a tropical island.

1. What Is Far Cry 5 About?

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
  • Game genres: Action-adventure, FPS
  • Game modes: Single player, multiplayer

Far Cry is one of the biggest action-adventure FPS game series which was created by Crytek and first introduced in 2004 by Ubisoft. All versions do share a similar story by placing players in a deserted environment, so they can fight with the despots that are corrupting the places.

Far Cry gameplay
Far Cry. Image by Jakob Montrasio via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License.

Far Cry 5 is essentially a polished version of the previous games with better graphics, improved physics, massive open-world maps, and an interesting new wildlife system. They’re all well combined to give gamers satisfying experiences.

The game takes place in Hope County. It was once a peaceful town in Montana, but things have started to get worse with the evil cult of Project at Eden’s Gate forcing people to convert their beliefs to which of the congregation. Players will play as the newly appointed Sheriff’s Deputy, or the Deputy, for short. Your main objective will be to capture Joseph Seed – a preacher who claimed himself to be chosen by God. You’ll soon find that Far Cry 5 has so much thing to explore rather than just completing the missions.

2. Far Cry 5 Game Elements

shooting far cry
  • Regions: As Far Cry 5 covers a massive area of different landscapes and terrains, players will have different accessible places to explore. At first, there will be three different regions available for you to choose from, including Henbane River, Holland Valley, and Whitetail Mountains. You will need to clear all of them before you can tangle with the final boss.
  • Support Characters: They appear in many roles. But they all provide you with useful tools, weapons, and sometimes essential information which will help you complete your missions.
  • Teammates: In Far Cry 5, players can gain their allies support by being friendly with them or through the gun recruit system. They can offer a wide variety of utilities such as air support, sniper, and even animal buddy.
  • Wildlife Environment: In this installment of Far Cry, you’ll be surprised by your surroundings which features realistic animals and a wide variation of terrains.

3. What Players Do in Far Cry 5?

Throughout the game, your main tasks are building the guerrilla resistance forces, completing the missions, and defeating the boss. Ubisoft has allowed the story progression to have more freedom by giving players different choices to make and random events at each stage of the game. Not to mention that you can play the game with your friend in the co-op mode to double the fun.

You will have to fight against three bosses in three regions (mentioned above), then capture the final boss, Joseph Seed. There will be a whole system of different missions that can be completed in no particular order, making Far Cry 5 as free as possible.

Along with that, there will be many side missions which will give you valuable prizes or information. And with the massive playable map, you will probably find yourself exploring the surrounding more than completing the missions.

4. What Is Fun Playing Far Cry 5?

fishing in Far Cry

Huge Open World

Crytek has done a great job at creating a famous FPS franchise that features elements like no other. The open-map and free-form game progression allow players to spend time exploring every corner of the game without affecting their ultimate goals. It is quite similar to the GTA V in some aspects such as the gameplay and the huge open-world map. Both new players and veterans would definitely find these games really fun and addictive.

Far Cry Arcade

It is a fun and interesting mode that has nothing to do with the main game. In Far Cry Arcade, you can create your own map with many in-depth options, enough for you to alter almost every change in the surrounding environment. You can play your own map or select others, but the creation process would be quite long and takes a certain level of design skill to complete.

Massive Weapon System

There will tons of different weapons for you to take advantage in this game: submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, flamethrower, bows, sidearms, firearms, melee weapons, and even your bare hands, etc. You can loot items from the characters after you killed them, which makes it much more exciting while you’re in combat. You can, of course, upgrade your weapons to reach their maximal power.

5. Far Cry 5 Best Weapons

far cry zombie

If you want to finish your mission quickly and cleanly, powerful tools and weapons are definitely essential. Let’s take a look at the best weapons currently available that have the most effective firepower.


You can get it from completing Larry Parker’s missions. It is a super powerful weapon that allows you to knock light enemies (human or small animals) on the ground and then vaporize them at an instant. And the best part is that it has unlimited ammo which will prove to be quite useful in many cases. But keep in mind that if you’re going to loot them, you should kill them with a knife rather than using the vaporizer because it will also vaporize the items.

Light Machine Guns

One of the most effective strategies that we’ve tried in this game is to carry two light machine guns (M60 LMG and M249 LMG) while you’re in combat. You’ll be surprised to see how effective this tactic works because having two lock-and-loaded machine guns is simply too powerful for your enemies to deal with.


Rat4 in Far Cry 5.
Rat4 in Far Cry 5. Image by Far Cry wiki.

This rocket launcher is a must if you’re dealing with large enemies or those who are sitting in a tank or a helicopter. You would probably want this over the others since this launcher can be equipped with a lock mechanism that allows you to locate and lock the target before firing at them. This will ensure that your rocket has a much higher chance of hitting the enemies.

Early Game Weapon

The AR-CL Sharkbite is a perfect choice for both assault and sniping purposes which can be very useful in the early game because you have only two weapon slots. This versatile gun is also light and quite accurate in both long and short range.

The Gun Killer

It has the fastest shot rate in the game and is packed with seriously powerful firepower. The SPAS-12 “Flameout” Shotgun can eliminate any opponent and even a bear in one shot, hence, the name.

Final Verdicts

Overall, Far Cry 5 has a decent storyline with exciting gameplay and new elements. But if you’re expecting something like the story of Far Cry 3, then you would probably be a little bit disappointed. And although the story isn’t a strength of this game, it is still a blast to play with many improvements and players can enjoy themselves in the vast nature of rural Montana.

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