Football Manager has been a famous game title with football fans gamers all over the world since 2005. The series was developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega (earlier publisher was Eidos Interactive). It comes up with new versions every year with updates about the world of football.

1. What Is Football Manager About

  • Game genres: sports (football), strategy games
  • Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360
  • Network connection: not required in PC
  • Game modes: Single player, multiplayer
  • Age ratings: 3+

Football Manager opens up a vibrant football world. It allows you to be in charge of one football club (or national football club). Depending on how much you would want to involve in the club activities, you will be able to:

  • Create match tactics
  • Choose players for upcoming games and make instructions/ substitutions during match days
  • Attend transfer market to buy and sell players
  • Receive all kind of reports about players and clubs
  • Arrange friendlies
  • Reward/ punish players for their behaviors/ match performance
  • Interact with players, staffs, and the club’s chairman
  • Giving team talks during a match
  • Attend press and play mind games with other managers

And the list goes on. Yes, you are able to shout to your players from the pitch during a match but you can’t just come in and kick the ball. Unlike FIFA series, this is not a game that you play football yourself, but rather a strategy and simulation game that you need to think a lot and come up with the best tactics and players to bring out the best results. Football matches will be processed by computers.

2. Platform And System Requirements

Earlier, Football Manager had been played only on PC, or desktop computers. However, nowadays, with the development of handheld devices, the game is also available for mobiles through Google Play Store and Apple Store. This includes FM Mobile 2018, FM Touch 2018 and FM 2018 for PC.

To play Football Manager on PC, it is better that you have a computer with a powerful graphics card because the 3D match with beautiful animations may cause a slowdown in computer performance. However, you can change it to the classic 2D at any time. For specific system requirements, please refer to Steam on the Football Manager 2018.

2D and 3D views in Football Manager 2015
2D and 3D views in Football Manager 2015

3. What Is Interesting About Football Manager

Data from real football players and clubs

The world of Football Manager is real football world. A huge data of football players on many football leagues in the world that is collected and assessed by FM’s scouts. Therefore, they come up with new versions every year since the football world never stays the same.

So you are not in charge of team A in city X and player John Doe, but you may replace Jose Mourinho to be the manager of Manchester United. You can transfer Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to your club if you have enough money and your club ranks high enough to attract them.

Neymar Statistics Screenshot in Football Manager 2015
Neymar Statistics Screenshot in Football Manager 2015

Youngsters’ potential and predictions

Days go fast in the game. A player can age up and even retire. You can be a manager for 10 years in one month of playing. So, it is all about predictions. When you buy a new youngster, the game makes a prediction on how he develops into a big player under appropriate training.

Young players that are marked with Wonderkids are the most promising youngster in Football Manager. However, under your management, he can develop in a totally different direction (for example switching playing positions).

As a matter of fact, Football Manager predicts wrong in many cases. Some players with a promising profile may never be that famous in real life. However, every year, when a new game version is released, gamers still discuss a lot about transfer bargains and hidden Wonderkids for different positions that they can buy for their teams.

Earlier releases are also interesting and highly-addictive

A Football Manager 2015 Tactics Screenshot
Football Manager 2015 Tactics Screenshot

Maybe you wonder why people would want to play an older version while there is already the latest release on the market (for now it is Football Manager 2018). So here might be the reasons:

  • Your computer is not strong enough to handle the latest release
  • You want to enjoy an old football world where current famous stars are underestimated. Also, you want to have Steven Gerrard, Philipp Lahm, or Carles Puyol, and so on, in their best time, in your team.
  • You prefer simple features from old version than the cumbersome new ones
  • Old Football Manager game DVD is on sale for Christmas
  • You prefer the text font of Football Manager 2005 than 2018
  • You feel disappointed with the new release and want to play with the old good one.

Whatever versions, I believe Football Manager can bring the same excitement to any football-fan gamers.

Finally, that’s about football!

If you are a football fan (and a gamer at the same time), Football Manager will attract you immediately and unconditionally. You will want to build up your Dream Team, play your own tactics and lead the club to victory. Winning Leagues, Cups and moving up the world rankings is amazing feelings that every football lovers want to experience with their favorite clubs.

5. So … What Is Bad About This Game?

Some negative issues include:

  • Unrealistic transfer fee for a football player: you may have to pay a fee that is much higher than in real life transfer to have the signature of a decent player.
  • Unnecessary features: fans of simple playing style prefers subtle old-style over new ones. However, Football Manager also provides Classic Mode for this needs.
  • You have to download and install club logos and kits yourself: Only some leagues such as Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s La Liga provide this.
  • Germany and Japan national team unplayable: You can’t play with Germany and Japan national team unless you unlock it. However, this problem is rather easy to solve. See how to unlock here.


Football Manager 2018 provides more statistical data for in-game analytics, for example the heatmap.
Football Manager 2018 provides more statistical data for in-game analytics, for example the heatmap.

Overall, Football Manager is a great game title for football lovers. The game’s graphics are not as great as the latest FIFA game. Although Football Manager is quite fun to play, it might get you bored easily if you continue to lose several games in a row.

The latest version of Football Manager, titled Football Manager 2020 was released on 31 October 2019.

Have you already played the game? Do you like it? Share your experience in the comment field below.

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