Are you a fan of the Catan board game made by Catan Studio? 

Have you enjoyed the entirety of its expansions such as Catan Seafarers and Catan Extension 5 – 6 Players?

Then, you might be searching for new alternatives to zest up your game playing experience. The good news is, we have curated a rundown of the number one games like Catan to increase the quantity and quality of your favorite game list.

Catan: What is this bad boy?

The game belongs to Eurogames, a board game genre that focuses on strategy over overwhelming hardship. While you compete directly with other gamers on the board, the spotlight tends to be less on getting rid of them. It is rather on consistently gathering points that enable you to cater to the game’s criteria for the winner.

The so-called mix of the mechanics below typically portray Eurogames:

  • Placing tiles: Setting resources or physical components on the board
  • Controlling the area: making use of tile placement to assert tactical in-game spaces.
  • Managing resources: asserting, spending, or/ and exchanging resources in the game.
  • Selecting a role: Placing workers: selecting from a particular arrangement of actions to finish on a turn given.

Leveraging those mechanics, gamers keep taking turns. Stop once a trigger given becomes met. Follow with counting points to figure out the winner. More often than not, Eurogames define just a person who wins. With that being said, several games come with conditions that enable many gamers to win under various criteria.

Justifications behind’s Catan’s popularity

It is an extraordinary game that has acquired incredible popularity. Undeniably, Catan has turned into a commonly recognized name for good reasons.

Most importantly, it was among the first board games to deliver something far from run-of-the-mill. Rather than mainstream gameplay, this product provided players another approach to play that was not completely reliant on who was the first to get a hotel up.

Stating so does not imply that Catan does not have any drawbacks. However, it has decidedly found its way into the minds and hearts of countless gamers.

Inevitably, but be that as it may, you might wonder, “Which is comparable?”

The game becomes a magnificent gateway game. And truth be told,  it is presumably party why many gamers fall for playing board games. In this way, now we are suggesting some games that are similar to Catan or the ones you might be fond of if you are this game’s fan.

Best games like Catan

1. Terra Mystica – by Z-Man Games

Terra Mystica one of the game like catan
Terra Mystica

This fantasy game boasts the involvement of various interesting races for getting the most territory.

Specifically, what makes the Terra Mystic fascinating is, the fishermen will not plainly go for the desert. They attempt to get the most out of every sea spot. Yet as there is not enough, what to do? All things considered, because of the quite watery swamp, is trying and terraforming it as far as possible a good idea?

Generally speaking, this product from Z-Man Games provides a remarkably inside-and-out strategy game that will make you think outside of the box.

How is it similar to Catan?

Do you get attracted by the Catan’s notable island and its ‘feel’ of this town not being adequately large for the two of us? Then, you cannot go wrong with the Terra Mystica. The game will guide you to your next incredible excursion.

It provides a big big world whose powers are variable. Gamers rush to expand that world on a restricted map while never needing to straightforwardly attack other gamers. The emphasis is more on your own boundaries and tactical blocking.

2. The Castles of Burgundy Strategy Board Game – by Ravensburger

The Castles of Burgundy Strategy Board Game
The Castles of Burgundy Strategy Board Game

The setting of this Ravensburger choice is (obviously) in medieval France’s Burgundy locale.

Gamers join the riling highborn class, striving to foster their space of the area to become prosperous compared to their competitors. They need to prepare to make certain their princedom merits the most quantity of points. At the same time, keep tabs on their foes’ moves.

Why is the Castles of Burgundy one of the most recommendable games like Catan?

As you may notice, the Catan’s civilization development is not as strong as a ton of other board games in the market these days. 

On the one hand, you will not reach comparable depth to the 7 Wonders game and whatnot. Yet, on the other hand, this Ravensburger selection would be the next reasonable step before you enter and ace the bigger leagues. 

3. Concordia Game – by Rio Grande Games

Concordia Game
Concordia Game. Photo by Karthik Balakrishnan on Unsplash

How about we time travel to the past period with this game made by Rio Grande Games? Generally, the Roman Empire invokes images of armies and stuff. Nonetheless, with just conquest, an empire never remains an empire.

By means of trade taken place inside the Roman Empire, this pick works to delve into the concept. You will not find a single army here. However, your challenge is managing cloth, food, wine, as well as commercial chains to hold the empire back from collapsing on its own.

How is it similar to Catan?

Winning the game has to do with a supply chain. Here, it is necessary for you to focus on each move a gamer makes. Also, gear up for your own moves. This increases the need for strategy in comparison with the Catan. 

Above all, in case hindering your rivals is your Catan round’s climax, do not hesitate to give the Concordia a shot. 

4. Puerto Rico Game – by Rio Grande Games

Puerto Rico Game - by Rio Grande Games
Puerto Rico Game – by Rio Grande Games

Would you like to be your own colony’s legislative head? Then, do consider immersing yourself in the Puerto Rico Game known as one of the most brilliant games like Catan.

This choice from Rio Grande Games lets you enter an economic round of colonialism. Here, gamers assume responsibility for the creation of their own small slice of Puerto Rico.

On the one hand, sharing ships will be necessary. Still, on the other hand, the structures and crops they develop decide their output and at the end of the day, their total production for delivery.

How is it similar to Catan?

This game’s theme is pretty much like Catan’s one. Its emphasis is on an island’s economic upswing. 

Yet, when it comes to the mechanics, the Puerto Rico’s is way more top-to-bottom and needs far more strategy related to what structures and items each colony makes.

In case you want more of the Catan game’s simply random dice rolls, this Rio Grande Games’ product delivers a considerably more full-clad economic experience.

5. Stone Age – by Z-Man Games

Stone Age one of the game like catan
Stone Age

Time travel and assume responsibility for your own clan of early human beings in this game. It centers around worker placement economic elements.

To be more specific, gamers develop their clan via tools, farming, and sheer numbers. And leveraging workers is necessary for resource collection, food hunting, construction, and exchanging. The game provides such a wide assortment of strategies to win.

Believe it or not, we have dived into this Stone Age so many times that we lose count. And it is still among our top choices. How about you?

How is it similar to Catan?

While the base mechanics might not be the same, this game’s economic structure can help Catan lovers start to dig into worker placement games more smoothly.

The Stone Age needs dice rolls to manage to acquire resources. Still, the rolls’ randomness can get diminished with either the worker quantity or tools you have. It is significantly less random compared to the Catan and that may be a bonus in case you are not fond of the dice gods.

6. Ticket to Ride Board Game – by Days of Wonder

Ticket to Ride Board Game
Ticket to Ride Board Game. Photo by Dave Photoz on Unsplash

As we would see, this game made by Days of Wonder and the Monopoly classic option are intensely comparable when it comes to popular board game choices.

Here, gamers draft cards to coordinate with the color-coded in-game routes. What is terrific is, no one legit figures who wins until the final scoring. How tense it is, totally!

Why is it among the most remarkable games like Catan?

This game is ideal for all ages. For those who have somewhat younger children, there is no need to hesitate. A more straightforward version is accessible explicitly for the younger ones.

So, in case you have aced the Catan and are searching for the next fantastic thing to do with others at any age, this pick from Days of Wonder will not disappoint you. It provides a great deal of tactical funny factors that your entire group cannot help falling for.

7. Chinatown – by Z-Man Games


It is a development game. Gamers develop Chinatown’s small section with no matter what shops they find alright. And the victor is the most productive gamer following 6 years (the timeframe in the game, of course). 

Nonetheless, what is intense is the same shops’ chains along with layout have to do with the profits. Is it right to say that bigger is in every case better? 

How is it similar to Catan?

The game leverages a quite serious trade and bargain mechanism. Following upkeep, gamers get free reign to trade anything they desire – say threats, favors, cash, and structures. It may become your preferable aspect in the Chinatown and be the most amusing – relying upon who you play with. 

8. Agricola – by Mayfair Games

Agricola - by Mayfair Games
Agricola – by Mayfair Games

This Mayfair Games product is one of the most favorable games like Catan. In other words, it is the next reasonable step after the Catan Studio selection.

During the game, each gamer assumes the job of a rancher, and how they manage their land has everything to do with them. You can zero in on crops, domesticated animals, and developing facilities on your homestead.

The Agricola is a fairly intricate pick that gives various options with never adequate time to accomplish everything.

How is it similar to Catan?

Believe it or not, the Catan game is a perfect example of Eurogame. Meanwhile, the Agricola is Eurogame’s more than perfect instance.

In case the agricultural exchanging element and the Catan’s Euro aspect are what brought you into the game, consider the Agricola as the next progress. Its gameplay is free from conflict. And the complexity and challenges related to strategy will make you stay absorbed for a good long time.

9. Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game – by Stonemaier Games 

Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game
Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game

This game gives you interesting struggles on Catan’s fictional island when you are working on your own winery. There are two available seasons in which gamers construct, grow, and oversee works to turn into the most productive grape plantation in Tuscany. 

How is it similar to Catan?

In the game, gamers get pushed in opposition to one another regarding the matter of worker locations. It indeed gives a similar feel to the Catan’s land grab since there will not be sufficient workers and spaces to do everything. It is just about the same as how no one will gain the entirety of the eight or six spots in Catan.

On top of that, the  Viticulture Essential Edition is a remarkable game and extends into other mechanics for the fledgling player.

10. Bohnanza – by Rio Grande Games

10. Bohnanza - by Rio Grande Games
10. Bohnanza – by Rio Grande Games

The goal of the game is to exchange, grow, and sell different sorts of beans. And gamers strive to sell a considerable amount of beans for gold and swap out undesirable beans at the same time. One thing that increases the Bohnanza’s fun and likely bothers a few gamers is, you are required to leverage the next card to play (not permitted to shuffle the hand, and so forth)

At the first sight, we found that this game did not seem as though it would have been anywhere close to a decent game. But turned out that it is marvelously captivating and offers a ton of fun. The game takes about 45 minutes and inclines more on the entertaining side of play as opposed to intricacy in some games like Catan.

How is it similar to Catan?

The game meets comparative Catan functions, for example, card play, exchanging, and negotiation. The theme is mesmerizing as well. Reducing the intricacy level is purposeful for people looking for entertainment only and interaction.

11. Suburbia – by Bézier Games


The list of best games like Catan cannot be complete without a mention of the Surburbia made by Bézier Games. It has to do with developing areas such as industrial, civic, commercial, and residential ones to increase your populace. Meanwhile, others are striving to expand their development.

How is it similar to Catan?

This pick is like the Catan in some ways. It is not difficult to learn and a pleasant city growing and tile placement game with none of the overwhelming intricacy.

The pay and populace part of the game is an inviting one. And more often than not, your progress has to do with tactical moves and choices made instead of mere luck. A great deal of possibilities keeps gamers addicted.

Overall, the Surburbia boasts the presence of a fantastic theme and mechanics that mix smoothly into the game. It is not too mind-boggling yet still thought-provoking enough to require tactical decisions. There is a ton of fun offered along the way as well.

A comparison and contrast

GamesRelease yearGame typeCategoryAgeDifficulty levelNumber of playersPlaytime
Catan1995Building Settlements, Hexagon Grid, Card Game, Negotiating, Dice Rolling, Medieval ThemeStrategy/ Family10+Light to medium3 – 41 – 2 hours
Terra Mystica2012Civilization, Territory Building, Economic, FantasyStrategy12+Medium to pretty heavy2 – 5 (Ideal in 4)1 hour – 150 minutes +
The Castles of Burgundy Board Game2011Tile Placement, Hexagon Grid, Dice Rolling, Territory Building, Medieval ThemeStrategy12+Light to medium2 – 4 (Ideal in 2 – 3 )Half an hour – 90 minutes +
Concordia Game2013Point to Point Movement, Variable Set Up, Deck Building, Economic, Card Game, Ancient ThemeStrategy12+Medium to pretty heavy2 – 5 (Ideal in 4)90 minutes +/-
Puerto Rico Game2002Card Game, Multiple Boards, Farming Theme, Economic, City BuildingStrategy12+Medium to pretty heavy2 – 5 (Ideal in 4)90 minutes +
Stone Age2008Resources, Worker Placement, Dice Rolling, Tile Placement, Prehistoric ThemeStrategy/ Family10+Light to medium2 – 4 (Ideal in 4)1 hour – 90 minutes
Ticket to Ride Board Game2004Route and Network Building, Drafting, Card, Train ThemeStrategy/ Family8+Light to medium2 – 51 hour
Chinatown1999Economic, Trading, Negotiation, Tile Placement, City BuildingStrategy/ Family12+Light to medium2 – 5 (Ideal in 4 – 5)1 hour +
Agricola2016Worker Placement, Resource Management. Farming Theme, Economic, AnimalsStrategy12+Medium to pretty heavy1 – 5 (Ideal in 3 – 4)Half an hour – 150 minutes
Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game2016Worker Placement, Economic, FarmingStrategy12+Light to medium1 – 6 (Ideal in 3 – 4)45 – 90 minutes
Bohnanza1997Trading, Card Game, Negotiation, Farming ThemeStrategy/ Family12+Light2 – 5 (Ideal in 5)45 minutes +
Suburbia2012Card Drafting, Economic, City Building, Hexagon Grid, Tile Placement, City ThemeStrategy/ Family8+Light to medium1 – 4 (Ideal in 3 )90 minutes

Final words

Well, this puts an end to the guide! Hopefully, you find the rundown of games like Catan is useful.

Which game(s) did you enjoy after delving into the Catan? We are eager to hear from you. Share your experience in the comment section below.

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