For die-hard fans, being able to immerse yourself in the Greek mythology world, enjoy the epic adventures, and fight against giant monsters and powerful gods is what makes God of War a successful franchise. It has been far too long since the last time we saw the Greek demigod wielding his Blades of Chaos. And God of War, with so many predictions, has finally been released on April 20, 2018.

  • Game genres: Action, adventure
  • Game mode: Single player
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Age rating: 18+

What Is God of War About?

God of War gameplay
God of War. Image by Jack Grensleaves via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License

God of War is a world-wide famous third-person action-adventure video game series first released on March 22, 2005. Its developer is Santa Monica Studio, which is also well-known for Fat Princess Adventures and Starhawk.

The eighth installment, which is also the latest version, was launched on April 20, 2018, for the PlayStation 4 console, under the named God of War PS4. Its story is based on Norse mythology, while all previous games were based on Greek mythology.

God of War Story Trailer

Some Concepts in God of War


  • Kratos: The fierce Spartan warrior and the Greek God of War, our main protagonist
  • Atreus: Kratos’s son and his companion in this new adventure
  • Faye: Kratos’s second wife and Atreus’s mother
  • Baldur: The Norse’s God of Light
  • And many other characters from the Norse mythology world, both Gods and Monsters.


  • Leviathan Axe: It’s surprising that the Spartan doesn’t use his signature Blades of Chaos. Instead, his weapon is a magical axe that has elemental powers.
  • Collapsible Shield: The Kratos has a new gauntlet that could transform into an unbreakable shield in combat.
  • Blades of Chaos: It would never be complete for the God of War to not having his most famous weapon – the Blades of Chaos. You will earn it when you reach its level.

What Can You Do in God of War?

god of war ps4 gameplay
Image by SobControllers via Flickr, released under Creative Commons License

The main story of God of War is about the adventure of Kratos and his son – Atreus journey to the tallest mountain to scatter his wife’s ashes as her last wish. Throughout this journey, you will encounter countless monsters and characters from all the races.

Besides, you will explore more about the Norse’s world. Who is Kratos’s wife? How did Kratos get here? And many other questions will all be answered during the journey. You will also have the chance to encounter the Greek gods from the previous games and learn more about their story.

On top of that, God of War follows the journey to absolve Kratos from all of his terrible sins in the past. This helps us have a better understanding of the relationship between him and his son. In the end, all of your questions will be answered and a new story will arise.

What Is Interesting in Playing God of War?

A Totally Different World

First of all, you might notice that the developers have chosen a different name from our predictions. It’s not God of War 4, but God of War (PS4). It’s quite reasonable as the storyline doesn’t take place in the Greek mythology world anymore (of course, since Kratos has destroyed basically the entire world in God of War 3). Instead, the game begins with him going on a hunt with his son whom he calls Atreus. The scenery looks like ancient Northern Europe with majestic snow mountains and forests.

You will soon realize that it is a different world from the old versions of God of War. The world where God of War (PS4) takes place was later known as the Norse mythology world. Yep! That’s right. Get ready to face the great Odin, Thor, Loki, and other powerful creatures from this world. So, it’s clear that the studio has set a new direction for their future games.

New Kratos Power Stats

god of war game ps4

Like the previous version, the two main power stats are HP (hit point) and MP (mana point) which represent his health and magic power.

However, instead of gathering Gorgon eyes, Phoenix feathers and red orbs to gain more health and mana, as well as powering up your weapon, the new God of War comes with a different level-up system. Your character will earn more XP after finishing battles or completing quests. You can use XP to upgrade your weapons in order to release more of their powers.

Better Gaming and Battling System

The new game has a new battle system with the fixed third-person camera. It would be quite challenging for the old God of War fans to get used to, but it’ll definitely bring a brand new experience to the players.

Moreover, the combat system is a little different as it delivers the similar lifelike battle experiences. You will not have the wide viewing angle as with the old versions. The battle speed is also slower as Kratos is getting old and he’s using a huge axe.

Final Verdicts

Although God of War (PS4) has just been released recently, the game soon receives lots of positive feedback from gamers all over the world. The story is fantastic (as usual) with stunning graphics and majestic sceneries. Although the new battle system might cause a little trouble for gamers to get familiar with, it is extremely thrilling and addictive once you master.

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