A dedicated gaming room has to be every gamer’s dream. If you are lucky enough to be able to dedicate a whole room to your gaming experience—or even just a corner of your living room, home office, or den—here are some tips to help you kit out your gaming space for maximum comfort and style.

a gaming room

A dedicated gaming mouse

It used to be the case that computer mice all looked and felt much the same—that is until computer gaming became as good as console gaming. These days you can find no end of dedicated gaming mice to suit your every need. If you are going to buy a mouse to use specifically for gaming, consider choosing an ergonomic one with extra grip on the sides to keep both your hand and your mouse in good health. A good gaming mouse will have plenty of customizable buttons to enable you to have the best gaming experience no matter what kind of game you are playing.

A dedicated gaming keyboard

Similarly to mice, the features you want from your dedicated gaming keyboard may well be quite different from those you would value in a keyboard you use primarily to type text on, such as emails and documents. A good gaming keyboard will have full key rollover to enable you to press as many keys at once as are required by even the most complex of games—whereas you want an office keyboard to ignore input of over five or six keys at once to avoid mishaps in case you accidentally lean against your keyboard while reaching for a paper clip or chatting with your coworkers. You also want your gaming keyboard to have soft rest pads for your wrists—after a long gaming session, your joints will thank you!

A bean bag chair

When you are hunkering down for a gaming marathon, whether you are alone or with your friends, comfortable seating is essential. There is nothing better than bean bag chairs to keep you comfortable during your long gaming sessions. Plus, bean bags will add a splash of color to your gaming room—which is often much needed, given that most gaming gear comes in black or white only—and are also easily washable. No need to worry about spilled drinks!

A lap tray

Once you have kitted out your gaming space with some bean bags, you will want a lap tray or two to help you balance all your necessary gaming gear on your lap. There are some fantastic gaming lap trays out there, with enough space to hold a keyboard, a mouse, a tablet, a phone, a headset, and more. Some models even feature dedicated holes for your cables to go through.

A fitness mat

Gaming is great fun, but spending hours hunched over a mouse, keyboard, or joystick won’t do your posture or your circulation any good. A fitness and dance gaming mat is a great addition to your gaming space: it will keep you fit and healthy while providing great entertainment for yourself and your family. You’ll feel like you’re in an arcade without having to leave the house!

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