While many people don’t sympathize with gamers, as they are known, there are many benefits. These can range from using video games to relax all the way to making a good amount of money.

How do professional gamers make money? In this next section, you will find 15 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games. Let’s go!

1. Become A Video Game Tester

Becoming a video game testers will be fun and at the same time bring in some money
Becoming a video game testers will be fun and at the same time bring in some money

In this developing world, there are many people who play video games which makes it more and more popular. Due to this fact, gaming companies are coming out with research to develop these video games.

Before video games are officially released, they have to test and work out its bugs. Game developers will pay gamers to test out the unfinished product. In turn, gamers can give insight into possible potential improvements and feedback that can be trusted because of their gaming experience.

Gamers have been known to make upwards of 68.000 USD to test these games, making it a viable job.

However, keep in mind that an abundance of money doesn’t mean you only play casually like at your home. Of course, this job still takes a lot of hard work. The game tester must do a matrix test. You have to test every nook and cranny to find out bugs that cause graphics error in a video game in the video game, after that, you must note them.

So, this job is the best for those who are greatly analytical and methodical thinkers. If you like playing games or have any passion for the games, it is actually a good choice for you. But, if you can’t do this work, don’t worry, this is not the only way to make money from playing games.

2. Youtube Gamer

Playing games and having a lot of people watch you play. Why not?
Playing games and having a lot of people watch you play. Why not?

Another way to make money by playing video games is to start a Youtube Channel.

Did you know today Youtube is the largest video social network and continues to develop further? Youtube has more than 5 billion views every day and more than 97% of social media users watch videos on Youtube.

So, a great number of gamers like to watch videos about their favorite games or new games. It helps them know how to play games better. Keep in mind that Youtube will pay money depending on views. That means the higher your video is watching, the more money you earn.

Some notes for you:

  • Use entertaining comments and add funny effects to make your videos more interesting and engaging
  • Record popular games with friends like other YouTubers
  • Teach people how to play better games with instructions and comments. Try to explain why you make certain decisions in the game
  • Research new games and help people decide if a game is worth buying
  • A game that plays and records videos in a “Let’s Play” style in which you show a game or play through a story

Of course, it’s not the only way, but this is a standard model of what famous YouTubers used to make money with their views and their followers.

Most of your money will come from advertising and sponsorship on YouTube. To get advertising, you need to be a YouTube partner. Requirements to be met:

  • Over 4,000 hours of public viewing in the last 12 months
  • Must own more than 1000 subscribers

Once you meet those requirements, you can start showing ads on your videos and making money! But you can make large money coming from sponsors such as game developers, game wholesalers to advertise new games.

3. Become To A Game Streamer On Twitch 

Twitch is a very popular platform for gamers
Twitch is a very popular platform for gamers

Twitch is a growing social networking site where gamers can watch their favorite games live from streamers. Famous streamers on Twitch can make from 10 million USD – 40 million USD anywhere .

One such example is Ninja, a popular Twitch streamer, who in 2018 made 10 million USD.

How do pro gamers make money? Those who become streamers can get money from ads, sponsorships, and Twitch subscribers

If you want to make money on Twitch, you must do the following to become their partner:

  • In the last 30 days, at least 500 total minutes broadcast 
  • In the last 30 days, at least 7 unique broadcast days
  • The last 30 days, an average of 3 simultaneous viewers or moreover
  • Have 50 followers or more

When you become a Twitch partner, you can earn money from ads and your views and of course, you can also get sponsorships from gaming companies just like Youtube.

4. Become A Game Streamer On Facebook

Facebook is still the largest social network in the world with 2.130 million active users per month. The development of Facebook is becoming a “virtual country” with the largest population in the world at present. 

This is a reason why gamers started becoming streamers on Facebook. Popular streamers can reach 1 million views and these viewers can donate money to them. Besides, sponsors from game companies will also reward a good deal for them to play games directly on Facebook.

5. Professional Gamers In Tournaments

Despite the fact that it is not a consistent source of money, a winning game tournament can net you some serious cash. Such as Timothy Miller (aka “Bizzle”), one of the world’s top eSports competitors, who earns around 322.000 USD per year participating in Fortnite tournaments.

This may be the easiest way to make a lot of money from playing video games when you win. To do this, you must have good strategies and techniques. 

6. Become To A Game Developer

Another way in 15 Ways to Make Money Playing Games to help you earn money is to become a game developer.

You can make a lot of money doing this at large game companies like Ubisoft or EA with an average salary of 83,000 USD. However, it’s not easy at all, because you might get stressed out when working long hours and being efficient all the time.

Besides that, you can become a solo game developer and earn money on your own research, then try to create to a game company. For example, Markus Persson developed Minecraft under his company, Mojang, and sold the game to Microsoft for 2.5 billion USD. 

Many independent creators have successfully researched and developed their games. So if you have ideas and capabilities, why haven’t you done it?

7. Get Signed On An eSports Team 

Esports has been thriving since its inception in the late 90s, growing and showing no signs of stopping.

Esports players make an aggregate of 1,000 USD to 5,000 USD per month or around 60,000 USD per year.

e-sport is a way to earn big money
E-sport is a way to earn big money

It is certain that you won’t be able to play well if you play too many games at once. The best way to become a pro gamer is to focus on one single game, practice to use other platforms to show off your skills. Most players are found and contracted to game companies thanks to these.

But, you do not need to be a player to earn money from E-sports. Some other things you can try are:

  • Organization of E-sports events
  • Skills training for other online players
  • Become streaming or commenting on E-sports matches
  • Arbitration in E-sports matches
  • Game marketing and sales specialist
  • Monitor social media for a group or game maker

8. Work As A Video Games Journalist Or Games Blogger

Another path is through the press. Most video game journalists make about 26,000 USD per year, making it one of the lowest income opportunities on this list. But if you’re a games lover and like writing or reporting, this is a great opportunity, so don’t miss it.

When your ability increases, you will have more opportunities and earn a bigger amount of money.

If you only post a blog and receive money from visitors you do not need a degree but its pay is unsatisfying and you can still receive ads in your posts. However, if you would like to be a journalist, you have to attend a university or college and get a journalism degree.

9. Work In Customer Service For A Game Company

As with every industry, game companies need support and advice for their customers. A great way to get paid in the gaming industry is being a customer service representative for a game company. Customer service representatives get average 13.64 USD per hour, with some making up to 20 USD per hour.

To do this job well, you have to be good to people and have great communication skills.

10. Establishing A Business Of Producing Video-game Inspired Goods

Perhaps one of the most interesting ways to get paid to play is by creating and selling goods inspired by your games.

Just visit Etsy and type “Legend of Zelda”, you can make over 16,000 USD. That is results for T-shirts, figurines, coffee mugs, etc.

make money by playing games

If you follow this path, you are creating a business. This job helps you make around $ 50,000 per year with the right products and great marketing skills.

To get started, you will have to drop goods from places like AliExpress, produce your products, or find a partner to create your product.

11. Farm In-game Currency 

Next on this list is Farm In-game Currency. Many massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) have a farm in-game currency system that people who do not feel like spending their time earning it can simply pay you for it.

This is probably the lowest time-consuming and lowest-cost opportunity on this list besides customer service – there are “gold farmers” in countries like China that focus on doing this full time. This is because China’s minimum wage is only 2.34 USD per hour (about 16 RBM). So it would be better if you took the time for the other 15 options.

12. Video Game Coacher

Another interesting way to make money from playing video games is becoming a  coach for your favorite competitive game (such as League of Legends).

Video game coaches earn anywhere from 20 USD to 200 USD per hour, depending on how high their level is and how good their service can offer. For example Metaphor – A League of Legends trainer mentioned in the YouTube section, offering coaching services for between 50 USD and  80 USD per hour.

Starting as a coach often means getting your audience through a platform like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

13. Small Business Of In-game Items

A time when the game flourished, “selling items in the game” became a form of money for gamers. However, with the development of many different game genres, it is no longer encapsulated in MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games) titles.

For example, PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS), with an inventory system and clothing items with various rarities, the game allows players to “trade” it on the Steam system or through different websites.

If you are lucky enough to open a dress or a cape, even a veil .. chances are you will make a few hundred to thousands of dollars if sold online.

Certain rare characters in rare games or equipment can also bring in large sums of money. Many gamers also trade level, ranks, money, item,… to get money from the nick owner who who does not have time to play play. 

Some gamers have high-profile accounts, they can sell or rent out their accounts, even faster, not as time-consuming as plowing games for households.

Gamers with good accounts can sell to those in need at a pretty good price. You can also let out to somebody an account based on a certain time (by day, by hour,…) to earn a decent amount of money.

14. The Marketer At A Game Company

Like other companies, a game company needs at least a marketer. If you love games and have marketing skills, you can try this job. However, to be honest that if you want to be in this position, you must have a marketing degree from a university or college. This job requires professional training based on your mind.

With this job, the salary will be very high, but it requires you to be dynamic and creative. Besides, you must understand the game market to choose the type to use to reach customers, capture and update the emerging trends in the market.

The marketer is also responsible for creating, managing and developing marketing activities on websites, microsites, Facebook, forums, social sites,… If you are suitable for these positions, do not hesitate to try.

15. Design Engineer

Programmer In-game companies, programmers in particular and technology, in general, are also very important parts.

Besides specifying ideas from the design department, the engineering department is responsible for building and developing the game, including tasks such as server building, website construction, system error fixing, system construction. database system … 

At the same time, due to the nature of the work, the programming staff will work in the office. The programming work is quite large, often has to work overtime, the scope of daily communication is quite small, so getting married is often harder than ordinary people. 

However, in return, the salary of the employees working in this department is quite high, the path of promotion is quite wide. To work here, you can study information technology at universities, colleges, and centers nationwide. Besides, some final year students can intern at game companies to gain the practical knowledge needed.

At game companies, its design department is usually run by persons who will come up with the original idea, design game characters on paper through detailed drawings.

It can be said that the designer is the one who laid the foundation for a product. In order to enter these positions, young people often study design at art training schools with an aptitude for fine arts as well as knowledge of support tools. 

In most gaming companies around the world, people in the design department are very creative, freely express their personalities, and the working environment is quite comfortable and has many good incentives so it is rather attractive for a young demographic.

Given the importance of this position, the salary you will earn will be satisfying but what you need is the best ability to draw and create. If you are interested in this job and gifted, why not give it a try? If you are worried about qualifications, you can study now.


In this article, we’ve given 15 Ways to Make Money From Playing Games. There are jobs where you just need good gaming skills you can make money, there are jobs that do not require gaming skills but must have good communication and writing skills.

Besides, some positions demand creativity and a degree to work. If you have business skills, think of creative ideas from games. Based on the suggestions we have given you, you can choose a job that suits you. Remember, gaming is not bad if you know how to take advantage of its positives that it brings. 

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