Many people argue that Minecraft has no plot. Others said that Minecraft tells a story about a person to discover the world. We think to answer this debate, we need to “mine” deeper to the root of Minecraft.

  • Platforms: Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Java
  • Game genres: pvp, sandbox, survival,
  • Game modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Minecraft Storyline

Players can build and do everything from tools. The original Minecraft was quite difficult because we were never taught how to make it. Everything has to be experienced and lived by itself. And for a beginner, it will take quite a long time to finish the game.

Perhaps it is the intention of the publisher, they want us to survive, create and adventure in the vast world. You survive in harsh worlds, inventing tools and adventures to find a way to end the game.

The plot in Minecraft is not created by the developer but by us, the players who build the world in Minecraft. We accidentally created the plot without even knowing it. And the diversity of the plot depends on the exploration, belief, and dream to create great things. Updates, mods, new items, etc. All are tools to help us create more diverse and new stories.

The things we do in Minecraft are dreams. To fulfill our dreams, we must be creative, believe and not give up. The nature of the game helps us answer the questions: Who we are and what we can do. Minecraft has provided us with everything to create new and realistic things. The purpose of Minecraft is to inspire our ambitions.

Explore. Dream. Discover.



The Builder

As mentioned above, Minecraft encourages players to explore the world by themself. That’s why Minecraft has no limitation for the player’s creativity.

You can design a beautiful construction and form it with building blocks. There are always servers in Minecraft for competitive builders. You will have a fixed amount of time to build stunning buildings. Stay creative!

The Explorer

If setting up houses, villages aren’t your strong suit, you could be that guy who craves adventures. You can start at a peaceful Overworld and find your own way to the Nether.

A raw Minecraft experience will not stop there, the end of the game will come when the player beat the Ender Dragon in the Ender World. This playstyle will be great when you can play co-op with your friends.


What could be better than competing with others? Grab your bow and sword and start hunting people down. You can start dramatic Hunger Games or fight with others in the free-for-all PvP area of ​​the community server. The player could be a vicious villain who camps newcomers or a brave Hero who saves others. It is up to you!

Minecraft Game Modes

Survival Mode

Survival mode is also known by many as the “basic” game mode. In this mode, players must create their own tools, find resources and “survive” by hunting, cultivating, and producing food as well as building armor and weapons to protect themselves. from nocturnal and zombie attacks, and night-time monsters.

Sounds a little scary, right? Apart from the groans of zombies and sudden attacks of monsters, the game is not necessarily scary. However, sound factors can also scare young children.

What about violence? Although the mode is called “Survival” and seems to contain a lot of violent content, matches in the game are not designed in that direction. The weapons that players and monsters use are limited to swords or bows and arrows.

There are no guns or tonic in the game. When the player is hit by an enemy, the screen quickly flashes red and the player has pushed away from the monster. If the player dies, they can easily respawn and return to play again.

Battles are also completely optional in the game. Players can play without swinging the sword or shooting the bow.

Creative Mode

If Survival mode sounds too violent or scary to your child, you might want to consider the Creative play mode. In this mode, players have all available resources, so they do not need to waste time and effort to create them. This allows players to go straight to the game’s creative content.

When playing in this mode, monsters will not attack the player, removing violence elements from Minecraft.


Minecraft supports multiple versions of the player at the same time, both nearby and online. When playing many people, your children will have the opportunity to play with friends or other random players.

Although the online community of Minecraft is quite friendly, parents should always keep an eye on their children’s internet activity to ensure a safe playing environment.


Although the background is simple graphics with independent blocks or squares, the game still creates its own impression with fancy gameplay, unlike any game you’ve ever played.

That is also the reason for the great success of the game today. Although there are some limitations and can be quite picky about players, especially those who lack patience. What Minecraft brings is very valuable, where freedom and creativity are the points that are highly appreciated by players.

When playing Minecraft for the first time, there are people who feel the graphics of the game look weird and look unattractive. But you can install shader mods for Minecraft to make the game look better. Shader mods will drastically change your gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Minecraft for free?

Unfortunately, Minecraft is a pay-to-play game. You will have to pay according to the Minecraft version and depending on your region. The good news is that you can play with your friends now regardless of any gaming platform.

Is Minecraft safer than Roblox?

Minecraft players will often get together and play on servers/realms with friends. If they play at community servers, the game will have plug-ins to censor the chat. Therefore, malicious words will not harm the player

For Roblox, the world in this game often do not censor the chat in the game. So it can be said that Minecraft is safer than Roblox.

Can you tame foxes in Minecraft?

Yes, you can. It will take a bit of time. You need to make a fox trap and use a chicken as bait to catch 2 adult foxes. Players can only tame young foxes. Remember to raise your young fox until it reaches maturity!

Is Minecraft bad for kids?

This is a completely understandable question if you are wondering whether to buy this game for your child or not. Unlike most games, Minecraft also has advantages for your child.

Minecraft encourages positive behavior. For example, working with friends on in-game tasks can improve teamwork and creativity. The game also encourages thinking and planning before being creative, which helps develop management skills.

And do not forget, even as a parent, you can also join and make use of Minecraft as a fun, engaging activity of the family.

Can you play Minecraft on PS4 with someone on Xbox?

Yes, you can. From December 10, 2019, Minecraft has crossplay support between the PS4 and Xbox platforms. You can play with your friends whether you use any platform.

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