• Platforms: PS3, PS4
  • Genres: RPG, turn-based, social simulation
  • Mode: Single player

Main story/ plot: During the school year, the protagonist and his friends at Shujin Academy awaken their Persona powers and establish a hidden hero organization called “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”, their mission is to investigate the mysterious space – Metaverse…


Persona 5 is set in modern-day Tokyo, April 20XX, full of real-world locations including world-famous neighborhoods: Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. Besides the crowded street scenes, there are specific locations that players can explore such as shops, restaurants, and movie theaters.

The main setting throughout the game is Shujin Academy, the school the protagonist is attending. The second important place is the “Metaverse” parallel space, this is a supernatural space consisting of virtual creatures representing the desires of the human subconscious. In the Metaverse space, people with desires big enough can form their own unique “Palaces” that create their misleading perceptions of the real world.

Amamiya Ren is a quiet personality, a common personality in the Persona series. He has the alias Joker, the leader of the Phantom Thief of Hearts squad, who can change the direction of the hearts of criminals or evil people through the Metaverse portal.

persona 5 sacrificial pyrekeeper joker

His first companion was Ryuji Sakamoto, who co-founded the group with Joker and Morgana, a mysterious cat-like creature that helped them discover Metaverse.

Exploring the journey inside the game, players will meet more interesting new characters such as fashion model Ann Takamaki, art prodigy Yusuke Kitagawa, president of Shujin High School Student Council Makoto Nijima, computer hacker Futaba Sakura and the legal heir of Haru Okumura Co., high school student Goro Akechi, and other characters.

Social simulation role-playing mode

What makes Persona 5 successful among millions is the simulation of the day and night cycle and the weather system similar to the actual social context that designers have created.

During the time away from school in the game, Joker can go to work part-time jobs and experience entertainment or even more interesting is to create battle items. These rich activities can enhance the character’s properties, allowing for more eye-catching effects in battles.

While in the real world, players can conduct activities to develop relationships with other characters called Confidants, a development from the Social Link system from the two versions of Persona 3 and Persona 4. With this great system, the protagonist can freely chat, improve his relationship with the characters he has met and be more magical than able to bring friend relationships. Even romance if you can!

Persona 5 Confidants
Persona 5 Confidants

Every good relationship you build can upgrade your level of loyalty with the members of the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” and open up different possibilities to fight.

The parallel dimension of Metaverse

All versions of the Persona series possess a fictional universe, though similar to its predecessors, Persona 5 has developed its own rules and created its own independent story itself. In the Persona world, the evil spirits are chased and fled to the parallel dimension to hide.

In the dimension of Metaverse space, there is a special place called Mementos dungeon. In the Mementos dungeon, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts can execute requests from NPCs, can use the stealth feature to avoid the enemy sight and can solve puzzles in some areas of the NPC game using the ultimate understanding ability called “Third Eye”. When using this eye, players can see the limits of the enemy’s power.

On certain days, you will be provided with 2 game time intervals to choose from 1 after school and 2 for the evening. Once you have chosen a time period, it is imperative that you perform the tasks at the remaining time on another day. If you’ve chosen to go to the soccer field after class, then you won’t have time to go to the sexy doctor you know.

Turn-based combat system

Just like the previous installments in the Persona series, the game uses a turn-based battle system. When fighting, the organization has access to melee arsenal and guns, you can summon the Persona before the magic attack.

If a character attacks an enemy’s weakness, they will be rewarded with an extra turn. The whole organization can launch a devastating full-scale attack, demanding money or items, and participating in talks that allow Joker to gain Shadow over the good side to become a new Persona. Negotiations can be successful if the Joker is at a higher level or in the worst-case scenario they may be arrested and unable to return to the organization if the negotiation fails.

Persona entity

Persona 5 The Animation: Ren Amamiya Awakening

Players can own Persona through intense battles or negotiations. Persona can be merged using the “Guillotine” fusion process with skills and stats inherited from Persona parents. The power of Persona depends on the level of Confidant stat binding. Persona can be sacrificed in a variety of ways: Dedicating experience points of Persona to a new Persona, sacrificing Persona to create high-class Persona, etc.

A Persona can also be sent to intensive training and additional skills performed faster than normal speed.

Players can optionally view the activities that other players have performed at any given time. Players can send messages to each other and support members of the organization hostage by the enemy.

Anime-like graphics and sound of Persona 5

Japanese standard graphics

What brings great success to Persona 5 is the Anime style. 

persona 5 anime style
Persona 5 has anime style

Anime-style graphics will take us all into each life that is happening in the context of the crowded Tokyo city simulation game. You can walk to admire the beauty of the streets or wander the Japanese subway system.

The studio has not changed the standard animation process of Persona 5 but focused all gray matter to complete the design of emotional expressions on the faces of the more soulful Persona 5 characters.

The success of the game

Persona 5 has been well received by gamers around the world thanks to its excellent graphic orientation, top-notch gameplay, and great sound. The game is recognized as one of the greatest role-playing games of all time, garnering numerous nominations and international awards.

The game sold 3 million copies globally by the end of 2019, making it the best-selling product of the entire Megami Tensei brand, along with countless related media products.

The influence of the game is so strong that the main character Joker also appears in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game.

Persona 5 deserved to win 2 PlayStation 2016 Award.sAt The 2017 Game Awards, the game was nominated for “Game of the Year”, “Best Art Director”, “Best Music” and won the award. “Best Role-Playing Game” award.

Persona 5 FAQS

1. How long does it take to beat Persona 5?

Persona 5 is a very long game, to beat this game takes a long time, it is more 80 hours. Therefore, enjoy it properly.

2. Should I play the Persona games in order?

You can play Persona 5 without ever playing Persona 3, 4. But if you want you can try these parts, because they are also very interesting.

3. Can I play Persona 5 without playing the others?

All persona games are beginner friendly, so you can play Persona 5 without playing the rest. However, you should still play through other sections when you have a chance.

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal is an upgraded version of the Japanese role-playing game Persona 5 hit. This new version of the game brings a series of changes including 2 characters and the system Confidants new, a new semester opens and the new Palace area gives players two new endings, a new game mechanic has been added, as well as boss battles and in-game dungeons have been tweaked. 

Game mechanics have also been changed and added equally. Each dungeon was redesigned to fit the gun mechanism, although the usefulness of the mechanism was not obvious at first due to its limited application. There is also the Showtime ability, a new super skill that is unlocked throughout the game through conversations between the two characters.

Despite the addition of a lot of new content and features, the nature of Royal is still Persona 5. For new players, when exploring the unexpected secrets revealed, Royal will make you excited and new. 

Therefore, this is a promising game and worth a try this year. If you want to play Person 5 while waiting for Person 5 Royal to have the experience, no problem. In addition, you can play Person 5, Person 5 Royal without playing the previous parts.

Persona 5 is an exciting blockbuster game, so please enjoy every moment of it!

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