Rainbow Six Siege: An Overview

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
  • Genre: Tactical shooter, FPS
  • Modes: Single player, multiplayer

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is considered to be an addictive game to “hardcore” people. The number of its players has exceeded 50 million.

rainbow six siege

Although the release took place in 2015, up to now, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has still remained its own attractiveness.

It is not a game that you can win by playing recklessly or shooting blindly. You will have to be patient and wait for the best shot.

This promising product from Ubisoft is great for game tournaments, but can it be able to compete against leaders in the industry like Value and Blizzard? This article will help you find out more.

The Addictiveness Comes From The Stand Out Gameplay

Compare to other shooting games on the market, the way to play this game is quite different.

The attackers must search for their enemies’s weaknesses, intrusion points, and withdrawal points, and the defenders must use the equipment available from the chosen operators to set traps, cameras, and defensive positions in order for enemies to not attack.

A match can be ended when one of the two teams is fully killed, or when the defensive team forgets the objective. 

The Operators Are Diverse

Operators are playable characters. Currently, there are 52 operators categorized into 2 positions: Attackers and Defenders. You can unlock a new one using in-game currency.

Each character has a nationality, weapons, and gadgets. Ubisoft also designs the speed and endurance of each differently.

3 Best Offensive Operators



Hibana and her gadget can be used to create an entry point, create windows in a reinforced wall, and destroy fortified walls. Unfortunately, Hibana is not effective and quick as Thermite when it comes to open up a reinforced wall. 



Thatcher’s gadget is EMP grenades, which can help walk through walls. He is flexible to most playing styles and can cooperate with other operators to go breaching and clearing effectively. But remember, you have to stay alive to be able to clear enemy equipment.


Ash rainbow six siege
Ash – Rainbow Six Siege defender

Ash is adept at catching the defenders off guard and rushing the objective. She can destroy doorways and unreinforced walls fast to help you break in the defender’s site quickly. One thing to notice is Ash can equip the R4-C, which is one of the best rifles in the game.

3 Best Defensive Operators



Smoke is good at holding down the objective and blocking off corridors with damage. You can use his weapon to create a rotation hole when the number of enemies is overwhelmed. It is great to know that he can carry SMG-11 – a headshot machine – as a secondary weapon. This deadly weapon can clear an entire magazine in seconds.



A good blast from Echo can drown an entire attacking strategy. His drones are hard to track down or destroy. 9 PDW is his secondary weapon, a formidable machine can dominate in close-quarters. Last but not least, he is a three-armor defender. What a perfect anchor.



Bandit can destroy gadgets of the enemy. Use Bandit wisely and he can deny Thermite or Thatcher completely. Bandit’s MP7 fits for any situation that a defender has to face and his M870 is also very impressive.

Eye-catching Graphics With A Lot Of Locations

rainbow six siege gameplay

Referring to the success of Rainbow Six, it is necessary to mention location designs. Locations play a very important part in attracting gamers, and it is very difficult for any other game like Rainbow Six to take care of every detail in each location in a strategic way.

There are many different mysteries in each game screen waiting for you to find out. You can easily pass through a map but you will not be able to remember all the ways in it because they will change constantly. Therefore, to conquer this game, you should play with your mind opened.

Rainbow Six Siege: How To Play It Better?

Take it like no other

The recipe of sprint everywhere, fire bullets with your eyes closed and hope that it would hit the target is a disaster in Rainbow Six Siege. Everything in this game makes a sound, so sprinting alerts everyone where you are.

Moreover, you always have to mind your surroundings. Doors, windows, walls, even the ceiling can be breached. The key to victory is to go slow and use your drone, learn map layouts and handle every opening with the correct tactics.

Choose your operators wisely

The coordination of players in the team will create many scenarios as the characteristics are different for each operator. Every operator can shine but that doesn’t mean they are all equal. Some are quite easy to play, and some are not.

In the attacker side, unlock the operators that useful to your team like Thatcher, Blackbeard, Finka first and avoid Maverick, Fuze, Thermite until you have more experience. In the defender side, try to obtain Rook, Jager, Bandit or Mute first and stay away from Castle, Pulse, Caveira.

Look out for all openings

Almost anything leads to a room can be attacked, so pay attention to doors and windows. There are some techniques that you can use like Slice the Pie, Play the Angles, and Pre-fire. You can investigate these techniques more on your own as this article will not dig deep into them. 

The Pros And Cons Of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Any game has some shortcomings, simply because it cannot be perfect to meet all the needs of gamers. Therefore, Rainbow Six also has its own pros and cons.


  • Environmental system: Rainbow Six uses light commands. In other words, when it is bright outside, it is difficult to see what is inside the darkness. Therefore, the same playing screen has different tactics between day and night.
  • Weather system: In addition to the basic weather in the game, the publisher is also revealing the “snowstorm” mode. It would be great if you try this mode.
weather in rainbow six siege


  • Network system: The disconnection and rarely being kicked out of the game are unacceptable feelings to gamers. Rainbow Six also has many bugs that directly affect users’ experience.
  • Lack of linkage between players: although it is a game of team fighting, Rainbow Six missed the feature of managing friends. It’s a minus that Ubisoft needs to amend in the near future to further improve users’ experience.
  • Other shortcomings: Contact system, or talking system … also cause many difficulties for players.

In Conclusion

Despite these disadvantages, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a game that is irresistible. Hopefully, next time the publisher will improve the users’ experience for being the best shooting game now.

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