Shop Heroes is a free to play shop simulation game developed by Cloudcade and available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Facebook Game App.

1. What Shop Heroes Is About

In Shop Heroes, your main role is a shop-keeper who crafts a wide range of armors and weapons for your kingdom’s heroes.

  • Game genres: free to play shop simulation, adventure, RPG
  • Platforms: Mobile Android, iOS
  • Age ratings: 3+

2. What You Can Do in Shop Heroes

Crafting rings in Shop Heroes
Crafting rings in Shop Heroes

As a shop-keeper in Shop Heroes, you can:

  • Craft items: provided that there are enough resources, you can craft a product in a given time. Simple items only require Wood or Steel, which you can produce inside the shop. However, the complicated items require much more to complete, for example  Shiny Gems or Liquid Fire which only can retrieve through Adventure Quest.
  • Unlock new items /stations/employees: crafting basic items many times will unlock new items. Likewise, you can unlock new working stations and employees when you reach a certain level.
  • Install working stations: for example, Metalworking Station to craft metal-related items, or Jewelry Station to craft jewelry.
  • Hire or fire workers: similar to the need of different working stations, you need employees with different skills to craft special items.
  • Hire new heroes: if your city unlocks a new hero, you will be able to get him by paying an amount of Gold.
  • Sell or refuse to sell items to heroes: the heroes will continuously come to buy items. You can decide to sell or refuse. However, refusing to sell will frustrate the hero and it will take a long time before he/she comes back to your shop.
  • Invest in the city: you may want to spare your Gold in the development of your kingdom, together with other members. The higher the city level is, the more interesting things it provides to its members.
  • Trade on the market: you can sell your items via a trade network which involves players all over the world.
  • Send heroes on quests to obtain special resources for your production.
  • Decorate your shop to make it unique.
  • Combat in the Arena with your heroes towards other players.

3. The Shop, the Inn, and the Kingdom

Your activities will take place in three main places:

The Shop

A screenshot from Shop Heroes
A screenshot from Shop Heroes

This is your factory. Here you craft items, level up workers, install working stations and decorate your shop.

The heroes in your kingdom will continuously visit your shop to buy items. You can accept or refuse them.

The Inn

This place gathers all your heroes. Visiting the Inn will enable you to send heroes on quests or exchanging blue flags for inventions.

Also, in the Inn, you can find the way to involve in the Arena Combat.

The Kingdom

My kingdom in Shop Heroes.
My kingdom in Shop Heroes.

You can find all your kingdom’s member here. Also, you can invite new shopkeeper to join in.

There is an interesting rule in Shop Heroes: if you change to another kingdom after 10 days of joining, all your investments will follow you to the new place. That’s why recruiting a people who invested a lot can give your kingdom a boost. On the other side, be prepared when a member leaves the kingdom, because as the money follow him/her, your kingdom’s buildings may level down.

In a kingdom, there are a lot of buildings which directly affect your shop’s productivity and heroes levels. The higher the building level is, the more profits it gives to its member. For example, you can have your workers work faster, unlock new heroes or increase the heroes level.

Above all, a kingdom represents a community, so make sure to invest when you have some spare Gold.

4. What is Fun Playing Shop Heroes

Unlocking new items

When you visit other shops of higher levels, you may wonder until when your shop also can produce such high-quality and good-looking items like theirs. The curiosity about the new items will engage you in the game, which starts a loop of crafting that never ends.

For some people, this might get them bored in the middle, as the higher-level items require more resources to make. But for some gamers who like simulation games, this is a plus point.

My Kingdom Has a New Hero!

Shop Heroes’ Lancaster
Shop Heroes’ Lancaster

That is the situation when a rich shop-keeper joins your kingdom, together with his/her huge investments. Plenty of new things will be unlocked and you may find yourself among a lot of different new heroes. That is a lovely feeling!

Then, another factor that brings about excitement is the process of equipping heroes with the best armors and weapons. You will want your heroes to have the most powerful stuff, right? But don’t forget that as the hero levels up, he might need better items.

Trading in Shop Heroes

This is my favorite part. If you know how the market works, you probably earn lots of gold. Above all, the market has so much fun to trade on.

Offering items for sale in the Trade House.
Offering items for sale in the Trade House.

Similar to real life, a market is where you exchange items for something valuable. In Shop Heroes, it does not require your real money to trade in (unless you wish to do so). There are some simple things you should know before trading:

  • You can sell an item at the maximum 10 times more than its original price.
  • An item can be purchased with Gold or Gems.
  • There is a penalty if you continuously place items on the market and then immediately remove them.
  • You can buy more trade slots.
  • There are millions of offers active at a time, so you should act fast. Or else, somebody will grab it first.
Shop Heroes buying items from the Trade House.
Shop Heroes: buying items from the Trade House.

Why do you want to buy an item? There are many reasons to do so. Some of them which I can come up with are:

  • A hero wants to buy something that you don’t have in the store, and you found on the Trading Network a similar item with a cheap enough price to buy then resell, and get profits.
  • You want to equip your heroes with the best items of his level. But, you can’t produce those armors and weapons yet.
  • You send heroes on personal quests but don’t have the items required to start.
  • You want to get profit by buying an item with cheap Gems and then resell them with a large amount of Gold (my case).

And the list goes on. As long as people trade, they certainly have reasons to. You probably should go ahead and find yours.

Involving in the Trade House will buy you some entertainment. That’s when you sell your items successfully or when you found an affordable weapon for your hero.

Decorating Your Shop

Similar to the joyfulness when decorating your own house, you can easily spend a long time making (or at least trying to make) your heroes shop more beautiful. The process of choosing decoration and furniture will make you feel relaxed. After that, you can proudly present it to other players who occasionally land in your shop.

Combat in the Arena

So, you have been equipping your heroes with the best items ever, but what for? You need opponents to fight. This is where the Arena Combat comes into play.

The rule of battling is quite simple. You choose your best five heroes to deal with another team of five. A hero will fight face-to-face against one hero of the same position in the opponent team. Which team strikes 3 wins or more will win the battle and gain some prize, as well as increase the rank.

Shop Heroes combat

So the tactic plays an important role in Shop Heroes Arena. You need to position your hero so that you can grab at least three face-to-face wins.

More interesting, each hero has different skill sets for battling in the arena. You can activate the skills that are suitable for your tactics.

Overall, thinking and testing new tactics will bring about some excitement when playing Shop Heroes.

Each hero has different abilities to play in the arena. The abilities descriptions also come with suggestions on the team position.
Each hero has different abilities to play in the arena. The abilities descriptions also come with suggestions on the team position.

5. Video on Shop Heroes Gameplay

Please don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more video gameplays.

6. Bonus: How to Get a lot of Gold Fast in Shop Heroes

You can exchange gems for gold by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Choose an item that you can buy with gems
  • Step 2: Resell it for at the maximum price in Gold you can get

Sound simple, right? But there are some rules you should keep in mind to get the best profits:

  • Choose the item that is only available to buy with Gems. That way, when you resell it, you will be the only shopkeeper in the whole planet who offers it in Gold.
  • Only buy items with at least Flawless quality. No one pays for common stuff that they can produce themselves.
  • Usually, you should set the selling price as the maximum (10 times the original price). However, if you see a lower value in the Lowest box, you should set the price to be even lower. Because cheap price sells first!
  • At my level 32, I usually look for the rate of 1 gem for an item valued 400.000. That way, when I resell the item, I can get up to 4 Million for each Gem spent.

Above all, you should try different items and see how well the transaction is. Because similar to real life, there are some items which everybody wants even with a high price, and something that nobody cares.

7. Where to Download/Play the Game

From Google Play | App Store | Facebook App

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