Let’s become a sought-after Dragonborn warrior to help the people of Skyrim fight the growing evil. Your destiny is to restore peace in the icy lands of Tamriel continent.

  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Genre: Action role-playing game
  • Mode: Single player

Game Trailer

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Official Trailer

Skyrim – A fantastic fantasy world

tamriel map in skyrim
Skyrim Tamriel map – Skyrim fandom.

Right from the first moment of setting foot in the mythical world of Skyrim, players will be challenged by the harsh weather of the icy land. The eternal cold of majestic snow-capped mountains will chill your spine.

But snow is not the only thing that exists in Skyrim. Villages and cities have risen to show the survival instincts of people even when it’s freezing outside.

With the Creation Engine, Skyrim will make you ecstatic by realistic graphic effects, from the vibrations of flowing water to the breeze blowing every leaf. The weather effects are also cared for, sun, rain, fog, snowstorms look real, especially snow can interact with the environment in the game in a realistic way, such as snow deposited on branches, falling into pieces.

Also, the environment in the game is designed quite detailed, monsters lurking in the mist, giant dragons flying in the sky, all creating the myth of Skyrim.

However, to be able to admire the beauty of Skyrim on PC players, you need to have a graphics card from Nvidia GF GTX 260 or ATI Radeon 4890 or higher. Also you need to have 512MB of memory to meet the minimum configuration of the game.

Plentiful Character Selections

Players are allowed to choose one of the ten familiar races residing on the continent of Tamriel, whether it is a tall Nord with smooth hair or an aggressive orc-looking guy.

Each race has distinct strong-weak skills suitable for your play. For example, Nord is a melee-oriented race and a master at weapons, while High Elves are clearly for those who like to become a mage with quick mana regeneration and high intelligence.

You no longer have to worry about choosing between a variety of character classes, now the character’s skills will depend on your play style, the weapons, the spells you use. For example, the use of sturdy armor will help you gradually increase Heavy Armor when taking the opponent’s strikes.

Skyrim’s level-up mechanism is similar to Oblivion: after your skills increase to the required level, the character will level up which means that your max HP, MP and stamina increase.

Skyrim’s Intriguing Questline

You can put the main tasks aside for some time to discover the interesting things of Skyrim.

The side-quest system of the game is very diverse and contains many surprises, it will take you dozens of hours of play to explore. You can skip the task of finding a lost dog because it is boring, but you might miss some attractive rewards.

In the cold land of Skyrim, not only are the ethnic groups, but there are also wild creatures on the edge of extinction for a long time like giant mammoths. All the sidequests have their own backstory which will help you explore every inch of Skyrim.

One of the two things that the fans of the series day and night have been asking Bethesda to add to the game are dragons. Not only plays an important role in the story, these legendary creatures also have a significant impact on gameplay.

skyrim dragon on an icy mountain
Dragon on an icy mountain – Image from Skyrim Fandom

Dragons could be found everywhere in the game’s world, and at any time you can clash with them, not just in a set sequence. They may be guardians of sacred artifacts, a threat to cities. Sometimes they will attack you randomly without any announcement. The game’s surprise elements increase excitement for gamers in the journey.

Thrilling Combat System

As a Dragonborn, your character is able to use the power of dragons which are Dragon Shouts. This is a new feature of Skyrim, which are words in the dragon language that can be found in dungeons, ancient temples or by taking down dragons and absorbing their souls.

This encourages you to try to explore the nooks and crannies of the world. Each Dragon Shouts has its effect and a separate cool-down so there will always be something unique in gameplay. 

The highlight of this section is the dual-wielding feature. Players can equip weapons and magic for both hands of the character, making the character’s fighting style become much more flexible. For example:

  • If you are a magician, you can drop fireballs at the enemy with one hand while lightning is on the other.
  • If you are a warrior, you can use dual swords or additional shields to increase your defense. 
skyrim magician or warrior
Magician or Warrior?

Fallout 3’s signature is also shown in Skyrim, that when you perform critical attacks with melee weapons, the game will activate awesome slow-motion finishing moves. These finishes not only look attractive but also create a dramatic feeling for the battle.

The physical mechanics also make the game more interesting. For example, just shoot a fireball to hit the target you can send the opponent flying straight into the abyss.

Brilliant NPC

The Radiant AI mechanism from the previous section has also been reworked in Skyrim along with positive improvements.

Extra characters (NPCs) can now perform more actions, from eating, drinking, walking or cooking, farming, harvesting agricultural products, etc. Each NPC has a unique personality. They also know what is going on, you will hear them chatting about the ruler, the civil war in the pubs. Besides, the conversation with NPC is also improved in a more realistic way as time still goes by and people will continue their work when talking to you. 

In contrast, Skyrim AI also has bugs, especially when the scene is crowded with characters or objects. The scene of the camera is also in a mess. An inherent bug of The Elder Scrolls from Skyrim versions has not been fixed yet, that’s when you can do illegal things as long as the people around do not see you.

Realistic gameplay

We can see the level of detail of the game is also shown on the item as you can see every bloodstain while inspecting your sword after the battle. But the most stunning things are probably the flashy armor. Reflection through the armor creates an eye-catching effect. In addition, it sounds even better with great soundtracks with fanciful, magical sound composed by Jeremy Soule. 

On the other hand, the version for Xbox 360 suffers from drawbacks such as long loading time of the game and often dropped frames when there are many objects, while the PC version is quite stable. Some minor bugs also manifested as the object-piercing error, image loss, etc. 

Skyrim FAQs

How long does it take to beat all of Skyrim?

You will need approximately 500 hours to complete Skyrim

Does Skyrim need PS+?

You are not required PS+ for playing The Elder Scrolls Online

Can you play Skyrim Online?

Yes, you can but you will need to use mods.

If I start a new game does it delete my original character?

It’s a No if you saved your original character to a separate save file before you started a new game.

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There are too many interesting and mysterious things of Skyrim that cannot be told, but there are still some shortcomings, especially many annoying errors, but what Skyrim brings to the player is completely fascinating.

Furthermore, not to mention there are a bunch of community’s mods for you to try out. The vast world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the legends of dragons are waiting for you to explore.

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