Stormshot: Isle of Adventure offers an immersive gaming experience with plenty of opportunities for exploration and teamwork. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends in an alliance, there’s always something new to discover on this exciting island adventure!

As we all know, alliances are crucial for success in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks on how to boost your alliance strength. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to become an ultimate ally in Stormshot!

What is Alliance in Stormshot?

stormshot alliance kingdom

In any real-time strategy game, alliances are crucial, especially if you’re new to it. By joining an alliance, you establish your position in the world, which means players are less likely to attack you since they know you have the backing of powerful players.

In Stormshot, joining an alliances also mean you can receive help from alliance mate. For example, when building constructions or researching, alliance help allows to shorten the time of the progress and it is super helpful if your alliance has a lot of active players.

Alliance Features in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure

  • Alliance Help: Alliance Help allows member to reduce Research and Construction to all members who need it.
  • Rally: Rallies against Undead Army Camps requires teamwork and any members can raise a rally flag that other members can join to be able to get huge rewards together.
  • Donation: As in any other real time game, donations allows Alliance to research new skills, building up the Knowledge index and benefits to all members.
  • Reinforce: Allies can send troops to help mates against attacks from outsiders.
  • Trade Station: Sending resources to any team members.
  • Coordinate Share: In Kingdom map, members can easily share the coordinates of resources / any lat and long to chatbox to raise awareness to their alliance mates.
  • Chat: Members within the Alliance will be able to write in this chat, so we can keep our members informed of any situation or to just hang out between talks. Chatbox is also a place where automatic messages are sent when members are promoted, kicked out, having achievements, etc.
  • Mail: Any member in the alliance can send mail to the whole team or specific team member.

Tips to strengthen your alliance

Gather your members in territory area

As soon as a player joins an alliance, it is a good idea to move your settlement to the area near your best players so they can protect you more effectively since the travel time is shorter. Also, when rallying against Undead Army Camps, the time of joining forces will be much shorter. Long travel time will lead to the rally being cancelled.

Keep active players in higher ranks

Stormshot provides 5 ranks of players in which leader is in the highest rank (level 5). Promoting your active players to higher rank means giving them more power to build up a strong alliance.

stormshot alliance ranks
stormshot alliance rank

Using mail or chat channel to keep members up-to-date

Always keep members up to date to any changes. If you are a leader, tell them what you are expecting and what philosophy you want to apply to the Alliance. That helps to collect a group of members who share the same mindset.

Between Chat and Mail, it’s better to inform important things via Mail as Chat is always crowded with information (for example members promotion, new members, rallies call, etc.) and so your message can be easily disappear in view.

Always Help

Encourage your members to ask for help from their allies when needed, and make sure that everyone contributes by helping others in the alliance. Alliance Help allows member to reduce Research and Construction to all members who need it, do not hesitate to press the button to help and be helped.

The process of Help in Stormshot is dead simple: every time there are helps needed in the Kingdom, there will be a small button appear on top of Alliance icon in the bottom right of the screen. Players just need to press it. Or, one can go to Alliance, then Help. A list of requests will show up.

stormshot help button

Help construct Alliance Buildings in Territory

If you are an alliance leader, you will be able to place buildings in Alliance Territory:

  • Fortress: Alliance Fortress and Towers
  • Resources: Alliance Orchard, Magic Crystal Factory, Stone Quarry and Silver Mine
  • Storage: Alliance Warehouse and Hospital
  • Other: Alliance Gates and Hall of Heroes

After placing the buildings, it is still uncompleted until it is fully constructed. The process of construct is very simple: team members send troops to build. The more troops constructing the building, the shorter time it takes to complete the infrastructure.

Alliance buildings brings benefits to all team members so make sure you give a hand when it needs construction!

Donate more often

alliance donate knowledge

Donating to the Alliance Knowledge to be able to Research new benefits for all team members. You can donate to the skill you like, or to the Recommended by Allies to get donation rewards.

Not only this benefits to a specific Knowledge, but also brings you a lot of rewards as in the progress of donating players also complete the game’s tasks.

Other than Donate, once players get Trade Station, they can send resources to other Alliance members to help them through hard times.

Increase the amount of troops available in rallies

If you don’t like being able to get 10,000 donated troops in rally, upgrade your Hall of War in your Estate. For example in Hall of War level 13, the available troops increase to 210,000.

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