1. Stormshot Battle Equipment

In Stormshot, You can find the battle equipment on your profile. Click to the profile picture and you will see it attached or not. Also, you can choose to hide them from other players by changing the Game Settings.

For low level of battle equipment it’s easy to forge. We just need to go on battles or join some events and can be granted Basic Battle Scrolls, which can be use straight in forging Sergeant Set equipment.

But when moving forward, how to get the better equipment, which requires Warrant Officer Scrolls (for Warrant Officer Set), Storm Scrolls (for Storm Set), Billow Scrolls (for Billow Set) and Thunder Scrolls (for Thunder Set)? Those equipment offer better power and look much cooler. How can my alliance mates have that?

So here’s how.

2. Get High Level Battle Equipment Scrolls: Guides

The easiest way is to look at the forging instructions. Select the set you want to get and click on the plus sign of missing materials to see more how to get them.

stormshot equipment forge
stormshot scroll requirements

So from the screenshot above there are 2 ways:

  • Obtained in the packs: The money way, which leads to store and purchase options. For now just ignore this.
  • Purchasable at the Equipment Scroll Store: Press Go and go to the Store UI.

The Store

Here is the store, which can be accessed also via Inventory or Abyssal Mines. In anyway, just notice that you select the correct department: Equipment Scrolls (look at the arrow):

stormshot equipment scroll store

Like you see, here are all the scrolls you can find to forge high-level battle equipment.

But, now you don’t have much materials to exchange for the high-level scrolls. What to do now? Notice this little plus icon here:

stormshot equipment scroll store

Click on the plus icon and from here, select the Basic Battle Scrolls if you have (or other scrolls you don’t need), and Dismantle them for more materials (the very big red Dismantle button). Sorry this screenshot is a bit out of date and I don’t have any extra scrolls to dismantle at this moment but you get the idea.

stormshot equipment scroll dismantle

After dismantling scrolls, you will have more materials to exchange in the Store, thus getting more material to forge.

Bonus: Other ways to get to the Store

You don’t need to go all the time to Adventurer Equipment department to be able to get to the store. There are 2 ways more:

1. Via Inventory

Notice the Store option here following the red arrow.

stormshot store

2. Via Abyssal Mines

Notice this little store icon in the top right corner. This leads you to the same Store.

Hope this helps!

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