Today let’s look at the top 10 ultimate abilities in League of Legends! We took into account which champions hit their power spikes earlier than others – some become monsters at level 6 immediately, and others need to farm until level 16. That means that not all ultimates have equal strength. There’s still a lot to love about each one we’ve chosen for our list, so be sure to check them out below.

Best Ultimate Abilities in League of Legends

10. LeBlanc’s Mimic

LeBlanc’s ultimate is called Mimic, and it allows her to cast a mimicked version of her most recently used ability, applying the same effects and dealing modified magic damage. Such a flexible ultimate ability creates a lot of combo possibilities for her to escape from or chase down the enemies. This ultimate is excellent for making pick-offs, as well as for survival.

9. Vi’s Cease and Desist

Vi’s ultimate is called Cease and Desist, and it allows her to charge at an enemy champion, grab them, and knock them up. Any enemy champion on the way takes physical damage from her and gets knocked aside, too. It can also be used to dash through walls. This ultimate is great for initiating fights and catching enemies off guard.

8. Annie’s Summon: Tibbers

Annie’s ultimate is called Summon: Tibbers, and it summons a giant teddy bear that deals damage and stuns enemies if she has 4 passives stacks. It can also be used to tank damage for Annie. What’s more interesting? The bear automatically attacks the champion that killed Annie as an act of revenge. This ultimate is great for initiating fights and turning the tide of battle.

7. Jhin’s Curtain Call

Jhin’s ultimate is called Curtain Call, and it allows him to fire 4 shots at enemies in front of him within a radius of a wide range. The last shot deals the most damage with a 100% critical strike, while the previous shots deal slightly less damage but apply on-hit slow-down effects. This ultimate is excellent for taking down enemies running out of his auto-attack range.

6. Rengar’s Thrill of the Hunt

Rengar’s ultimate is called Thrill of the Hunt, and it allows him to activate his predatory instincts for a duration, gaining a movement speed bonus and revealing the nearest enemy champion in a large radius, in addition to granting sight of a 100-unit radius around them. After Rengar uses his ultimate, he can activate his stealth and leap at an enemy champion, dealing burst damage upon arrival. It is one of the scariest abilities for squishy champions. Thrill of the Hunt can also be used to escape from enemies. This ultimate is great for catching enemies on their own.

5. Kha’Zix’s Void Assault

Kha’Zix’s ultimate is called Void Assault, and it allows him to go in stealth and teleport a short distance. It can also be used to escape from enemies. This ultimate is great for dodging skill hots in team fights and catching isolated enemies. Kha’Zix costs a lot though, so if you’re looking to test him out, you can buy a euw lol account so you can get straight into a game with him.

4. Ekko’s Chronobreak

Ekko’s ultimate is called Chronobreak, and he reveals a time-delayed afterimage of himself that tracks where he was 4 seconds ago and deals massive damage around that area. Ekko is immune to all displacements during Chronobreak. The ability can also be used to return to his previous location. This ultimate is great for dodging hard CC and burst damage in team fights. 

3. Talon’s Shadow Assault

Talon’s ultimate is called Shadow Assault, and it allows him to stealth with increased movement speed. A ring of blades is summoned around him, dealing physical damages and granting wound stacks for extra damage to the enemies. It can also be used to escape from enemies. This ultimate is very handy for securing kills or escaping.

2. Ahri’s Spirit Rush

Ahri’s ultimate is called Spirit Rush. It allows her to dash in any direction three times independently within a period of time while dealing damage to enemies around her. It can also be used to chase down or escape from enemies. Spirit Rush makes her extremely agile and difficult to catch or get away from.

1. Karthus’ Requiem

Karthus is one of the most dangerous yet underestimated champions in League of Legends. His ultimate ability, Requiem, has an unlimited range and will affect everyone no matter where they are located – even if they’re sitting at the base or running in invisibility. But what makes this so terrifying? Karthus can activate this ability even after death, and it is not interruptible when he is dead.

Requiem can be useful in both pro play and solo queue. Many people don’t pay much attention when they see a Karthus on the enemy team, so experienced players know how to take full advantage of his skills and scalability. Some may say Stopwatch or Zhonya’s Hourglass can help dodge Requiem, but those items have setbacks and shouldn’t be built by a lot of champions.

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